Spin and Sculpt part 2

Well...here I am again after a night of data mining at work.
Not much time, but I wanted to pop in and log my workout. This morning I thought I'd try the spin and sculpt class again. It was the same workout, and same instructor as thursday and I pushed myself...I'm curious to see how stiff I am tomorrow :) I had sweat trickling down my face when the spin part was over. I'm finding as long as I don't do the standup-sitdown-standup-sitdown part of spin and stay up for it and watch my tension I can do it without my knee complaining. This is a good thing.
And so, I'm moving my tuesday "stuff" to tomorrow...it's kind of fun to have something different to try. It's been a while and everything I read says you should shake things up every once in a while so your muscles don't get too used to things. I know my arms sure are feeling the exhaustion of being pushed...
I've got good meals today, and I must work hard - J and I are going out to see a film tonight, but I have to get some work done first...so I must get at it so that I can go to the movie guilt free. Here's hoping I can be very good. I'll have to work this long weekend anyways (boo) but I don't want to add to my work then too much...

Later taters :)

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