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Well I kicked ass at my talk. It was great. I was able to sit instead of stand and it was a lot more casual than I expected so I invited people to ask questions as I went and there was lots of great discussion. I also added some image slides in at the last minute on the advice of a coworker and it was a good decision. It just went A1 great and I am so pleased.

I almost missed it because the ride shuttle was relocated and noone told me but my lovely J swooped in and picked me up and drove me over. I'd have walked but I'm still being kind to my foot to make sure it heals up well. It felt really good to present my work and answer questions from people who understood why it was so cool and why it mattered to me. And I got to meet the pathologist who read my biopsy and thank her personally and talk to a woman from the diagnostic crew there who I hadn't seen since I finished my MSc. They all helped process biopsies and work tirelessly every day to help patients get their diagno…

Just imagine they're all naked...

I am flattered and nervous at the same time. My old boss discovered there is funding in his department to purchase a digital microscopy system for pathology  similar to the one I used in my MSc project. Since I am the only one to really use the system and put it through it's paces he's asked me to dig out my MSc talk and head over to the pathology board room at City Hospital and present it to a few of the pathologists and talk with them to see if I can give them any useful information for purchasing a quality imaging system. My project data isn't exactly what they need to hear but I was able to use the system and discover what is really needed for a  good system and be able to tell them what it can and can't do for them as far as diagnostics and resarch goes.
Am I nervous? F*ck yes.
Will I do this right? Absolutely.

I dug out my thesis defense talk yesterday and went through it 4 or 5 times and added a few slides to try and make it a bit more relevant to what they are …

Listen all y'all it's a sabotage

Image'd think the world was trying to sabotage me or something. While raking the yard on saturday I managed to spectacularly roll my right foot and it's still somewhat sore. walking to work for a few days, and definitely not working out. Cuz why would I want to do that?


I just have to try and be good and I'll get there. My foot only hurts when I go on stairs now, so hopefully there isn't anything seriously wrong.  The yard isn't done, but whatever. The front yard leaves just needs to be bagged and J said he'd do the back yard - I'm holding him to it...although I admit I'm suspicious.

On the upside though, I had a fun weekend. I made meat buns (spicy beef and gouda inside a bun pocket - yes they are as good as they sound). There are lots to freeze for later. Unfortunately I forgot the ones I prepped for my lunch at I have no lunch. And no $ to buy I have to dip into my emergency cereal and almond milk supply in my de…


I weighed myself yesterday since for the past few weeks I have not been even remotely trying to be good and my clothes really fit wierd...aaaaaand I have gained 5 Lb in the last few months - I am unhappy about that. So...since I have no desire to buy new stuff, I will be focusing on losing those 5 Lb by christmas (where hopefully I won't eat them all back in one go ahem). Yeah I know I said that was the plan last month but you gotta just get back on the wagon and start again with this sort of thing. More importantly, my mood is sinking with winter coming and the lack of light and I know how much eating well and exercising helps me with that. I have been walking to work but I could be doing more. I've just been staying up late (while drinking and snacking) and sleeping in instead. If I want to fight off the depression that likes to creep up on me since I started taking tamoxifen I need to take better care of myself. Plus I can't eat like I'm working out if I'm not. …

get by with a little help from my friends

This was a great weekend. I am exhausted. I slept little. But...I am no longer crushed by the annoyances of the life I live and refilled with energy and happiness from some quality times spent with some lovely people.
There was pumpkin spice ale.
And a friend's new kitten.
And brunch and an afternoon with my bestie H.
And noodle bowls.
And dancing with lasers by J...
And then ....technobreakfast after a night of fun with friends at C's house, where E made delicious frittata for us all and we sipped coffee and Bailey's and pina coladas and ate sweet potato hashbrowns with them while we laughed and smiled and enjoyed the company of each other before bumbling home all happy and fed to a day of naps and ginger tea.

Now I just need some coffee to stumble through today and get home to a nap and all will be well I think.
Life is good peoples. Life is very good.


Torpid. that's me. somnolent even. meh.

This whole week I've been meh and ravenously hungry 24/7. 

I don't know if  it's the cold cloudy weather or what but seriously. Meh. I am looking forward to the weekend and working out next week. For now I'll stick to just not eating everything I see and go from there. I actually got coffee and timbits today (donut holes). I don't even really like donuts...yeah it's that kinda day.

hooray for bebe

Yay I'm an auntie again!
J's sister had a little guy named Logan yesterday and he is just a cute little mellow guy. I'm stopping by the hospital after work on my way to volunteer at CFCR for their pledge drive tonight to see him and I'm very excited. They've been trying for a long time to have a little one and we have all been waiting for him very excitedly. The first boy on J's side too. Finally....too much girliness at times. This will balance things out. Hooray. We plan to bury him in Wolverine stuff :) Hee hee...

Thanksgiving was marvelous. It snowed insanely all weekend up at Dad's (about a foot was there already and another foot fell while we where there). I had a nice visit with Dad and cooked turkey stuffing and gravy for 25 people. Everyone brought something and we ate until we groaned and drank wine and watched the Blue Jay's win at baseball and had a great visit with all of Dad's friends who live up there. We popped in at J's parents …

september whirlwind

So what's up? :)
I've been off and insanely busy until now and so amidst all the madness I just didn't post. LOTS to do at work plus J and I helped friends who are opening a float tank (sensory deprivation tank) business decorate the ceiling in their lobby with fabric and lighting (blue and fabric over the tiles and white draped like waves with twinkling blue lights behind it- it looks AMAZING. I am so proud. We get paid a bit and get a bunch of free floats out of it. I'm excited to try a float - never have before.

Then I helped a friend with first aid and harm reduction at their weekend music festival which was a blast - one last chilly weekend being a twit with friends. This past weekend was a day trip to a craft fair out of town with my best friend and then a hot tub party at anothers that night, with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation's Run for the Cure bright and squeaky early on sunday AM. I made it to all of them and thoroughly enjoyed myself. My team…