Sunday, April 13, 2014


So I have cankles at the moment.
Yup. Since thursday I have been retaining so much water that my abdomen and whole legs are puffy and my calves are very swollen...and sort of just flow right into my little puffy sausage feet and toes. Feels very weird and is making it hard to walk/sit and the like without pain. I was waiting for my water retention to fade like it always has with some exercise but it's just gotten more puffy. It has never been this bad, so this AM after I dropped J off at work I popped into see my GP who thankfully didn't do the old "well that's chemo, what can ya do?" and actually agreed that I needed a little help. He gave me some water pills. Hallelfrickenluyah. Let the great flood begin. It will be nice to walk around without my legs aching from the swelling. Feeling like a marshmallow is just.....wrong.
On the plus side he also checked my eyes and reassured me that they should be OK which was nice to know. Just gotta keep up with the coconut oil and eye drops. They seem to be watering less. SO I tell myself...
I'm gonna be done these side effects soon.
No really. That's what they tell me :)

So, yeah... Today I have a slow day of resting up. My swollen legs aren't really conducive to walking around much and I have some sewing I can do on a costume for comicon so I'm just going to hang out inside away form the snow (sigh) and relax with some tea and pickles. My father-in-law was recently diagnosed as diabetic so my mom-in-law gave us kids most of her canned stuff with sugar in it. I am now rich in pickles, relish and jam. Even beet pickles. Mmmmm.

Happy sunday all!

Friday, April 11, 2014


Ah. Today has been good. J was home today and we spent the day together.
Thanks to his loveliness I have sweet melon cakes and tea from the chinese bakery (...and I can taste them!!) Mmmmm. Ever had them? Yummy little things these "wife cakes". Haven't been able to find them in ages. Nom. :)
And it is a weekend coming up of relaxing and enjoying each other's company. FInally. I feel much less like a staring sloth and more like a... Yeah. Sure. That works....
 (Shhh...yes it does)

I've been able to keep up with the activity too the last few days despite the stiffness it brings and I think it's a good reason as to why I feel so groovy today. Still moving slowly (and yes the eyes...) but feel like me again. :) This morning I got in a nice 30 minute ride on Spanky the bike and yesterday I did 3 rounds through the following upper body stuff with a 5 Lb dumbell:
10 bicep curls
10 hammer curls
10 side T arm raises
10 bent rows
10 shoulder presses + pull together at the front with bent arms (I have no idea what to call it)
15 tricep extensions
10 kayak abs (that thing where you sit with your legs out and row back and forth across with a weight)

Oh. OH YEAH, and I randomly invented a seriously simple and delicious meal yesterday. Took a piece of nan bread and put 1/4 c of salsa on top of it. Then I spread on a sliced mushroom and a bit of chopped red pepper around the edge (to hold in the next ingredient). Then...(trust me) I cracked 2 eggs on it and sprinkled a T of grated cheese and some pepper on top and baked it for 15 minutes at 400 until the yolks were just barely soft.
SO. Good.
Maybe it's just because my taste buds are finally coming back but it was the best thing I've had in ages.

This weekend our good friends, who are a part of a band called the Young Benjamins, are playing this saturday with another great local band the Classy Chassys. I hope I feel up to getting out to see them. They really are very talented...have a listen. They have a really great sound.

Aaaaaaaand? OK... That's all I've got. I'm off to make some supper.
Have a nice weekend everyone :)

Thursday, April 10, 2014

All hail the mighty nut

Yesterday, in a desperate attempt to not scratch my eyes out I slathered my sore, itchy, red, flakey-skinned orbs with coconut oil, took a benadryl and made a giant chicken ceasar salad for supper to distract myself. Much to J's amusement, the benadryl just conked me right out after supper and I ended up sleeping all evening and then just got up long enough to slather on more coconut and move to the bed from the couch. Then I slept all night...
So sadly the the benadryl didn't really help (well OK I was asleep so I can't really judge if it did or not, but I'm not sleeping away the next week).
The coconut oil?
Oh baby.
This morning my eyes feel soft and the skin around them is not red, burning itchy and scaly for the first time in days. My eyes don't hurt. Not at all. They still need some loving and healing since they're still a bit red and still running, but I am ecstatic about this discovery. I can deal with watery eyes alone if this helps moisturize my poor rubbed eyes and lets them recover.

Cononuts 1, Cancer 0.


Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Hello :)
How are you?
I'm doing much better. My eyes are still ridiculous, but the rest of me is feeling pretty good all things considered. I've recovered from my snack damage. I am moving into the water retention part of the program (sigh), but feel so much better despite the tight pants that I don't mind too much. My brain is coming back to me and I am less tired. It's been very nice out here the last few days so I have been able to get out for short walks in the sunshine and get my egghead some vitamin D. J and I got out to see Captain America on monday and for a nice walk last night. It's one of my favourite ways to spend the evening and it's nice to almost be back to the weather where we can do that. :)

As of this morning I am trying coconut oil around my eyes and see if it helps with the dry red flakey eyes...they water so much lately that they have gotten red around them and the dry peeling skin really diaper rash (sort of?) for a lack of better way to describe it. I have my eye drops and I am just putting up with it for now and waiting for the watery eyes to recede - they are supposed to in a week or so. I talked to the pharmacist when I got eyedrops and she said to just wait it out. There's not a lot you can put around your eyes and the eye cream I have does not help - I figure coconut oil can't be a bad thing. It sure feels so far so good. Still looks horrid, but feels much better.

This morning I felt up to getting back to my exercise thing that I've tried to do when I can:
10 squats
10 front lunge + back lunge + squat (each leg)
15 pushups (from my knees)
20 bicycle crunches
10 side lunges (each leg)
15 pushups (from my knees)
20 v-crunches
30 second superman

MIght not seem like much but right's tough. It was very hard to get through and took some time, but I managed to do them all. I also plan on a walk or some bike time today too along with some serious stretching that seems to hep work out my sore stiff legs. Tomorrow I will do some arms stuff. It's a bit disconcerting when I get out and cannot walk far so I want to make sure that now that I feel a bit better I'm as active as I can be to help maintain and build back some strength and flush this water out of my system. I want to try and be as active as I can before surgery since I know i'll be out of commission for a week or two.
And...Gotta be ready for comicon. :)
I just learned Matt Smith will be there.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Stupid is as stupid does

Last night in my attempt to be "normal" I did a dumb little thing. Nothing major but I will pay the price for a few days. J was out visiting an old friend in town for the weekend so I had myself a movie night...complete with snacks. I decided on ketchup mini rice cakes. One of my favourites.
Why? Well, I know better. In days 5-10 after taxotere my body is at it's worst and very sensitive...any artificial flavours give me INSANE heartburn and with the neuropathy/chemo damage to my mouth and throat I was able to scratch and cut up the inside of my mouth and throat without realising it until the damage was already done. Add in the itchy, sore, watery eyes and body aches and I was a big old ball of suckiness by the end of the night.
Poor J got home to a very sad panda. Yup. I gave in and lost my sh*t a little bit. Thankfully after some proper sulking and a night's sleep the heartburn is gone. Unfortunately I must report this morning that my mouth and throat is still pretty sore, so it's gonna be smoothies and pancakes and other soft foods for a few days until it's recovered. Sigh. 
And I just have to ride out the eyes. They are annoying, but they too will pass.
Yes. It will pass. Last time round, so keep going. That's what I keep reminding myself. By next weekend things should be almost back to whatever the new normal is.
Here's to next weekend

Friday, April 4, 2014

Slow day

Last month I indulged in super posh flufftastic bogg roll. This month I went back to my regular enviroconscious TP.  Our bums are sad :)
Hee hee.
Slow day here. Can you tell?
Climbing back out of the achey twingy side effects and settling into the itchy watery eye portion of the program. This too shall pass. Feeling more human day by day.

My Dad was here for a day on his way back home from Arizona and it was so nice to see him. He is on his way home now. I felt up to visiting and going with him yesterday for his hearing test and then on a Costco run so he could order a set of hearing aids. He has needed to do this for years! Working in a shop with poor hearing protection for years has done a number on his hearing. I had a great day just visiting with him and wandered Costco and picked up a few easy to cook meals for after surgery and some protein powder for recovery meals too. He left me with 4 litres of mexican vanilla ("is that enough?" !!!) so I have vanilla to play with for a good long while. Yum. There will be much baking to come. If any of you want some good vanilla I can hook you up. Can you overdose on vanilla? I hope not. I love the stuff...
I picked up some Wild Roots Coast Berry Blend trail mix....I am already addicted. All my favourite things in a mix with no preservatives. Just plain healthy goodness. Mmmmm.
For breakfast? A vanilla protein shake with fresh strawberries and wheat germ thrown in. So far so good.
Time for some pants I think :)

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It's all uphill from here

Well, my final chemo has come and gone. Pulled out my favourite wig and t-shirt and had fun with it. Begone poison! I am done with ye. Hooray. :)

My best friend and I were hanging out the night before and she bought me something so sweet to celebrate this (after accidentally giving me an empty box. Kindred spirits we are indeed! I love her to bits). A leather charm bracelet with a happiness charm...and she has the same bracelet (I've been eying it up for a while) with the other half of the happiness on hers. I'm wearing it in this photo. I love it and it's one of the sweetest gifts I've ever received. I'm not much for jewelry, but to be given something so thoughtful that suits me so well is just...I'm blessed with my kind friends and family I am...and all of you out there in interweb land who've popped by with hellos and encouragements. THANK YOU. You have no idea how much it has meant through all this. I  just have to ride this last batch of side effects out, and then so many good things are to come: going out in public with a normal immune system! Comicon, surgery, rads and if I'm lucky, maybe even a music festival in the late summer if I get the go ahead! Oh life is good people.
I feel like the end is really nigh and things are moving on. It's been nearly 6 long months of this chemical haze and I am so glad to have made it through relatively unscathed. It's not over yet, but it's well on the way.

As a bonus, the ukulele I've wanted to pick up (I've wanted one for years) that I was going to get for my birthday but didn't because this was when all this went down and it just got lost in the shuffle?  Well J and I went over to buy one from a musician friend friday after chemo and now I have a lovely little soprano ukulele to amuse myself with over the next few months to keep me occupied and finally let me learn how to play the ukulele song from "the Jerk". I have wanted to do that all my life since seeing this wacky Steve Martin movie so many years ago. :) So here's to many hours of strumming and picking and keeping myself amused through the rest of treatment and enjoying the warming weather as much as I can. It's -2 today so J and I plan to get out for a nice stroll and see how far I can get before the chemo fog descends upon me for a while.
Have an awesome day my little taters :)