Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Last one!

Last day of  workout 2 this morning! Yay! Still to damn cold to walk to work! Boo!
Ah well...such is winter. I will take the bus and deal with it...still no snow tho. It's weird.
I had some pizza for supper last night which wasn't the best, but it was grocery day and by the time we got all our food and put it all away I didn't feel like making anything so frozen pizza to the rescue. Butter chicken pizza....seriously good. I know I know I should try and eat better...

Today my old boss is taking me out for lunch with the old crew for christmas to the University Club - should be fancy shmancy. I even sorta dressed up a bit for it. Ooh lala! It's gonna be a good day. Tonight I'm getting together with my pals H and L to make some chocolates and watch christmas movies and visit. I have chocolate robot molds and L has stormtrooper and christmas ones. It's gonna be AWESOME. We don't get to see each other much so it's gonna be neat being able to hang out for a bit before holidays. I can give them the star wars themed soaps I found them for christmas gifts. :)

Also, on the local buy and sell facebook page I found a lady who is gonna sell me her basically new bright yellow winter jacket for $100. I'm super pumped about current jacket is almost 5 years old and wearing through in spots - it's been washed so often that it's not very warm anymore. And bright yellow? Boom. I'm going to pick it up after work today - hopefully I don't get mugged or anything. I'm always suspicious meeting people for stuff online - but H will be with me so hopefully all will go well and I can get a decent coat for winter at a price I can afford. Crossing my fingers it fits. It's a ladies medium so I don't see why it wouldn't...

Anyways -I should go. We're moving and calibrating some lab equipment today and I should get to it. Have a great day everyone :) 

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Tuesday Dec. 6

Yup - I was up this morning again and did the workout. I didn't sleep in even tho I wanted to so very much. Just once more day of #2 and I can  move on to #3. Hallefrickenluyah. Altho - I'm just getting to the point where I can do it all now with no I suppose that means it's time to move onto the next level. It was too cold this morning to walk to work (-30 with the windchill) and I missed my walk but that's just too damn cold to be out for 45 minutes...less wind and I might consider it maybe, but I have no desire to walk in 35 Kph winds. No thank you.

Last night I watched an old favorite movie - So I Married an Axe Murderer. Still makes me laugh...My J looked so much like Mike Myers in that movie when we met. Yep...adorable.

BUT -I must dash. Much to do. Tonight is grocery night so we'll be stocking up on healthy foods and baking materials. AND we're supposed to get snow today finally. It's been the brownest holiday month in decades this year...the cold came but without the snow it's just not right.

Monday, December 5, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Well this weekend I had a lot of fun with friends (and not much sleep!!) and still managed to get my Christmas tree up. I didn't work out on the weekend because I was so busy, but I had a good time. It was J's grandma's Christmas family lunch on sunday so I got my fix of cabbage rolls and other goodness, but it's back to healthy today again. I slept in this AM since I got so little sleep on saturday night and hope to workout tonight when I get home. I did walk in to work so I have some exercise going so rarely offers me a bounty of fun with friends so I take it whenever it's offered. I'll be back to it all tomorrow morning again. Soo I can move on to workout #3...That'll be fun.

I am curious to see how the cats deal with the tree - last year we only put up a 2 foot tree and they didn't bug it too much. They were very uninterested compared to our old pair. So far they seem interested in sleeping on the cover I put at the base of the tree so I hope that's all they get up to. We bought a flickery white light to shine on the house and I have 3 penguin lights out by the front step taht I got last year so I'm pumped - I feel like Christmas is here finally. Sunday was a lazy day with an old friend popping by out of the blue on his way through so it was great to just hang out and have company while I christmasized the house. I just have the clock to decorate and I think I've got it covered. I even have lights at my desk at work and a little 1 foot tree up on my filing cabinet.

I love Christmas :)

Friday, December 2, 2016

Friday at last

Quick post - gotta run. Did my workout. It's friday. About time.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

sushi baby

I went out with friends after work for all you can eat sushi. Oh yes. It's a thing. A delicious thing. I didn't go mad, but I did absolutely eat a lot of sushi. I also had a beer, so that's definitely my cheat for the week. I love sushi and it was good to get out and laugh with friends. We went to a book opening after and then got home to tuck myself in for another day.

Did the workout 2 again this morning. I will keep at this - Operation Uberfrau :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Nov 29 2016

Workout done. Feel great. Had to run to the cancer unit for my checkup since i missed the bus so I got in extra workout...not what I had in mind, but thankfully I wasn't too late.

I met with my surgeon this AM for my yearly post mastectomy checkup and he said I'm doing very well and have healed up nicely. He said that fat grafting would make my foob look a lot more real by filling in the dips on the edges of the implant - I agree, but I am not willing to shell out 3K for it at the moment. He felt it should be covered by my insurance, but I told him it was not. Hopefully if he and other surgeons lobby them this will change someday, but for now I'll just be a little wibbly.  I have a lot of other things I'd rather spend 3K on that's for sure. With my clothes on I look fine.

He told me to keep exercising and that it was the single most important thing I could do for myself to stay healthy. So I will :)

Gotta run!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Still going -whaddaya know?

Twas a good weekend. Had fun with friends and got a lot of stuff done around the house. One major thing was to use the new jewelry box my dad built me (it's gorgeous) and put all my jewelry in one place instead of all over the room in random piles. I found the last Ben Aaronovitch book behind the head board (?? no idea??) -I've been looking forward to finish reading it for ages but couldn't find it. Tidying can be a good thing it seems.
I made a slow cooker of ham potato coconut soup for lunches this week so I'm set for good food for the week and after a nice sunday off without workouts I was back to it this morning again. Level 2 completed. I will see this through to the end...tough workout. But I'm noticing changes. It's encouraging.
Today we go pick up the new cargo van and I'm gonna hunt about for some cyber monday deals for potential gifts. I am trying to work with bodyrock tv ot get my order with them corrected. My mum in law kindly offered to buy me a bundle of gear for christmas on their crazy weekend sale, but their email link put me through to their american order site, so I was billed in american dollars and not canadian...and oddly enough that means that when you do a currency conversion it ends up being about $90 more Canadian. Weird...I noticed it saturday morning when I was hunting through the site...I've emailed their customer support to ask them to correct this. Their email link is what screwed me up. If I'd just gone to the site normally I'd have been fine so I hope they correct it. I mean it's her money but still - that'increases the overall price of the kit by ~1/3 and it's a problem from their end if you ask me. Now that I know this issue exists I can look for it, but the order is placed.
Anyhoo...I should be off. Things to do. Sciency things. Listening to the new Garbage album on youtube at my desk...they were old faves back in 2000...and this new album is pretty good. A good break from the vapid pop crap that seems to permeate the current music scene. Nice and dark...Shirley Manson's voice is glorious.
But I digress...Later taters.