Friday, May 29, 2015

The weekend starts here

So this morning I finished off HiitMax 9 & 10 and now I'm here at work trying to get thru friday so I can head home. J works all night so I'm gonna head home and attack the yard (I love to play with the weedwhacker...and the yard needs some serious love at the moment to beat back the jungle). I hope to make some weird baked supper full of things J doesn't like and then relax and try and finish the Stand...altho I'll likely just nod off in the chair with the cats and wake up to J getting home, but that's OK. It's the weekend. Thank frog.

I'm looking forward to a few days off. Lots to do in the yard and we're having a big potluck welcome back party for a friend at our place on sunday so it should be a full weekend but not as overwhelming as last weekend. My sister arrives to visit my Dad tomorrow and I get to go see her next weekend on friday so I'm in the midst of planning for that as well so my bags are packed before surgery to head up to the lake for a few days. I hope to go see Heather and her little one at some point as well...altho that might have to wait until next week. We'll see.

Just needing some weekend. Definitely.Only 6 hours to go! :)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Victory dance

Well the washer is indeed fixed.
The drain motor still runs a bit loud so I think the rock was not kind to it.... I'll order a replacement and swap it out eventually since I think it might eventually cack out after running with a rock in it...but I did a load of laundry last night and it worked just fine.
*smug mode*
Last night was a lazy night with early to bed and it was lovely. I needed it. I would have loved to sleep more so tonight may be another early night. Tomorrow J works all evening so I can do some yardwork and tuck in early if I need to. Me and my rockin friday nights!
I seem to be getting weird allergy throat tickles (the pollen is crazy this year) so I want to make sure I rest up and look after myself. I don't want to overdo things just because I can do more and wear myself down and get sick again. I'm just trying to be consistent with my workouts...but I am honestly looking forward to a few weeks off after surgery to heal. I'm supposed to just walk then as much as I can, so I'll do my best to heal up well and be good to myself. It's easy to get wrapped up in the now and push yourself too hard...I have so much to look forward to. I promised myself to take the time to enjoy the journey in this reboot I've been given and I intend to do just that.
This morning I got up to do HiitMax 8&9 and walked to work with J this morning. It's a bit drizzly and grim so it wasn't the best morning walk, but it was nice to have company this morning. Hope it clears up a bit by the afternoon. My brother and I are gonna prep his raised garden beds for planting after supper tonight so if the rain stops it'd make things much easier.

Anyhooo....I should dash and get to work. Have a great day everyone. Just think - almost the weekend :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

cue the mission impossible theme

Yesterday was crayzeee. Hiitmax 6&7 and then in for a long full busy day at work doing about 2 days worth of stuff in one. Then a nice walk home to make some chili and after a rest I attacked the washing machine. With the help of a repair video on you tube I was able to dismantle the machine to get the top and front off, drain the remaining water and remove the drain pump. I found a big rock in it so I took that out and the pump seemed to spin freely so I hooked everything back together and put all the bits back on. I'll give it a go tonight. I'm hoping that is all it takes to get it working again. If I have to replace the actual pump that'll be easy peasy now that I know where it is and how to get to it through the back of the machine. When I was done it was 11 so I figured Id save the victory test and dance for tonight. If you see disco lights in the distance tonight coming from the north it's me celebrating my home repair ninja skills.

This morning I got up to do the HiitMax 7 & 8 and had a nice walk to work with some tasty leftover chili for lunch. tonight I have a whole lotta nothing going on so I'm hoping to get a bit of yard work done and just relax in my oh so quiet and mostly clean house with no company. Just us.
Ah. The sweet sweet silence of home :)

It's been great to have the screened in deck ready for use again. We've been living out there and eating out there and I've enjoyed watching the cats check it out. Dax loves it. LOVES it. She's almost like a different cat out there -all perky and chittery and hunting flies and watching birds happily until we bring her in at night. Widjette is a little more unsure - she'd like to relax but there are so many new smells and sounds - I think it'll take a week or so before she doesn't start at any sounds and really relaxes out there. Sitting out there after supper with a drink listening to the birds and just relaxing after a long day is wonderful. I am looking forward to a whole summer of it :)

Monday, May 25, 2015

laundry ninja to the rescue

I survived the weekend. Whew.
House warming parties and company in the house and dim sum and dance recitals and wedding showers and a stagette and then clearing out my deck to make it summer worthy to relax on all the rest of the summer. I managed to pull out of the stagette at a point that made my recovery bearable (I just cannot keep up with my cousin and her friends...and my lovely husband who rescued me is beyond wonderful). I would really like another day off to just nap and recover though. It was good to visit with J's aunt and uncle - they had their grandson with them and he was a little ball of are exhausting. Parents - I tip my hat to you. I don't know how you do it. :)

Best of all my buddy Heather had a lovely healthy baby boy on friday afternoon - 6Lbs 2oz. Little Xander has so much hair and is such a little cutie. I was able to visit with them for a bit on friday and am hoping after they've settled in for a bit at home I can pop by for a visit in a few days. The labour went really well for her and she is so deliriously happy. It's wonderful. :)

This morning I started the week's HiitMax by doing #6 again and a blogilates 5 minute butt workout and now I'm trying to get a bit of work done before i go in for my pre-op appointment this morning at the hospital. After this things should all be set up for my surgery next thursday.

My washing machine stopped draining thursday night but I think I can fix it. It happened right before family came so I haven't been able to look at it yet. I'm hopeful I can fix the pump myself...if I can just get in there to check it. It's a front loader so you might have to take the whole front off to get to it. We'll see. If it was cheap I'd have someone else fix it but I really don't have the cash to pay someone $300+ to fix my washer when I can likely do it myself for the cost of parts. I'm hoping it's just the drain that's clogged and that I won't even need to replace the pump but we'll see. Laundry ninja to the rescue.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Busy week though huh?

I just realised I haven't been by in a while. Sorry. Life has been busy and will continue to be busy all weekend. Our house is full of family and it's been a busy week. I've been good with my workouts all week and been working to tidy up the house for guests. This AM I did HiitMax #6 and #7 together and have started up a log book for myself of workouts to track my progress so I won't have to bore you all with all the technogubbin details of my workouts as much. I did all real pushups! I did switch lunges! I was so pleased. I still can't do ninja tuck jumps or divebomber pushups but I'm well on my way. Hee hee. It's neat to see progress here and there as I go along and get stronger :)

This weekend I've got family dinners, a wedding shower and stagette, my little nieces dance recital and getting our deck ready for the summer, along with visiting with the company staying at our house at the moment.

But (!!!!!) most awesome of all - my best pal Heather is in labour RIGHT NOW! Hee hee. Very soon there will be a new little boy to celebrate. She's a week early and it's all very exciting - she's been in since 4 AM so I'm hoping to hear about a new little guy in the next few hours.

Yes my friends life is good.

Have a great weekend!!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Sleep - that's where I'm a viking

Well I felt better yesterday and after a good supper I just relaxed and was asleep by 9. I slept all night until 6 when I woke up on my own. Other than a stuffed up head I feel pretty good, so I got up and did 2 rounds through of my lower body exercises and made myself some oatmeal with an egg and hung out with the cats for a bit. After a walk to work I think I can get through today. It's a long weekend so I have monday off which will be nice. JJ works on a TV gig all day tomorrow so I'll have time to relax and sleep if I feel poorly still. I'm hoping to sew up a boba fett BBQ apron for my cousin who is having a wedding shower next weekend (she doesn't really need anything so this seemed like somehting fun).
And nap.
Yes there will be much napping and neocitrin. I also borrowed my brother's copy of the Stand to read so I can curl up with that in the recliner and just enjoy reading. There is some yard work to be done, but I have to remember that my last real sickness was chemotherapy related and just because I don't feel THAT bad I still am sick and need lots of rest and care to get better. It's funny how it's all relative :)

Thursday, May 14, 2015

sniff sniff

Well it's official. I am rather sickly. Yesterday after work when I got home I was totally exhausted, stuffed up and sniffling. I had some soup and then napped for an hour or so...and after a lazy evening I went to bed early. This AM I slept in instead of working out (I figure if I can't really breathe it's not a good idea to work out). I felt OK enough to come into work and still walked to work, but I'm thinking it's gonna be a few lazy days to try and kick this head congestion and start to feel a bit more human. It just seems to have come down out of the blue...and I'm annoyed.  But, I suppose it's better now than later I. The last thing I want is to be coughing after abdominal surgery! I have a bunch of yardwork I need to do over the weekend so I'm hoping I feel a bit better by then. We shall see.
For now I just want to munch and nap the day away...