Friday, September 16, 2016

New toy

Here's some photos from the last week or so of work. After the chimney was carried out by J, the hole was framed in by Dad and then I sanded and mudded and painted until you'd never know it was ever there.
And then the fridge came. Hee hee.
It's awesome...

Tonight J is picking me up and we're going camping up at Baldy lake and hiking Gems lakes with some friends. One last camp out of the summer. It'll be a bit chilly but with good friends and a fire I think we'll have a fine time. Have a good weekend!!

Friday, September 9, 2016

Your Momma!

Ran across this where you are supposed to copy, paste, and fill in the answer.
I'll have to ask my dad to check if I'm right, but it sure brought back some happy memories thinking up the answers to these:

1. She is sitting in front of the TV, what is she watching?
Edge of Night, or Magyver, Unsolved Mysteries or Murder She Wrote. She didn't watch much TV other than these or the news.

2. Usually what dressing does she eat on her salad?
thousand island dressing

3. Name a food she hates.
brussel sprouts and hot spicy foods

4. You go out to eat and have a drink, what would she drink?
tea or coffee

5. Favorite music to listen to?
Simon and Garfunkel, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Abba and the radio

6. What is her nickname for you?
Little One

7. What is something she would collect?
Photos and articles about the Royal Familyand Precious Moments figurines

8. What would she eat everyday?
toast and jam

9. What would she never wear?
short skirts or high heels

10. What is her favorite sports team?
The Saskatchewan Roughriders...but only because she felt like she should to be a good Sask girl :)

11. What is something that you do that she wishes you wouldn't do?
Work late, dress like a tomboy and walk home late alone

12.You bake her a cake for her birthday, what kind is it?
angel food cake with lemon pudding and cool whip icing

13. Favorite animals?
dogs altho she was allergic to most of them

14. What could she spend all day doing?
crocheting, picking berries or working in the garden

Hug your Mum for me today....I miss mine and wish I could.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Now you see it now you don't...

OK - so I ordered pizza for supper and skipped the laundry, but all the rest of what I was supposed to do yesterday is actually done. magic indeed. The old fridge is in the living room and some normality has been restored inside the house, although I'm sure I'll be cleaning up dust for weeks...

But I am happy to say the chimney is's so odd. That's it in my back yard in pieces...I'm gonna save some of the square bricks for planters next year, but the holes in the walls and ceiling/roof of the kitchen have been framed in and the drywall is up. J and my Dad certainly earned their pizza last night.

My job now is to patch and paint the drywall over the next few days. Dad and J will be running the water line for the new fridge today and putting the lino patch down onto the floor. It all went WAY faster than anticipated. There is so much more room in the kitchen and basement now with the chimney gone. Cool beans.

I managed to process the pears too - I just washed them and ran them through my juicer. I've popped the 16 odd cups of pear puree/juice I got out of it into the freezer for when I have time later to make it into some tasty mead. It'll keep and I'm sure it'll work just fine. Now is not the time to be starting mead...

Must dash. Lots to do at work. I have not worked out yet this week because of the rest of the craziness of life, but I will get out for a run later this week. Hope you all have a grand day.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Great weekend at the lake. Much reading (and snacking ahem) while visiting and finishing a book I've been trying to get to for ages.
Back to work and life. Dad is coming today to stay for a few days to help us take our chimney out. And a friend gave us 15 Lb of pears that I need to process tonight to make mead (they've been sitting all weekend and if I don't soon they'll be useless). I have to get groceries and go to the library...and laundry...and make food...
How will I do this all today?

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

So far so good.

Day 2 - on point. Yay me.

Yesterday we ate healthy and I avoided snacking while watching Snowpoercer, which is some good apocalyptic sci-fi if you're into that sorta thing. Walked to and from work and had a great day.

This AM I crawled out of bed by 6 and did all my over physio/basic workout exercises. 2 sets of 15 of the following with 5Lb weights:
sumo squats
front lunges
side lunges
donkey kick backs on your hands and knees
ball passes (hands to feet)
bicycle crunches
dumbell ab rows
bicep curls
overhead extensions
tricep extensions
bent rows
T side lift and front lift with straight arms

I forgot chest flys, but since I should be easing into it I'll add those thursday. My thing is actually did it. It was a nice, if mosquioto laden, walk to work with some granola, fresh yogurt and  my friend's yummy apricot compote for breakfast. Nom. I have a healthy lunch and I'm on it. Oh yes. Lets see how today goes shall we? :)

Monday, August 29, 2016

And now -a woman prances and shreaks on a ladder for your entertainment

It was an odd weekend. Friday after work I managed to lock myself out of the house (forgot my key) and J had moved the spare key so I had the swingingest friday ever -hung out in the yard with my dead cell phone (yup - couldn't even call someone to come visit me...) and used my new fire pit for 4 hours until J got home from work. I did some yard work and collected a bunch of deadwood in the hedge and had a nice bonfire...eventually went for a stroll to the local Tim Hortons for a sammich and tea when my stomach started to growl. Relaxing but silly evening. Tried to make the most of it. I love bonfires and it was a beautiful evening so I admit, it was pretty nice for the most part...if a bit dull.

Saturday I helped a friend paint his deck and sunday I decided to attack the spider infestation on my house. I didn't realize how bad it had gotten. This year there were more webs on and around  my house than I've ever seen and they kept growing over the last month to the point where you could see one that was on a window ledge from was starting to get all halloweeney and the more I looked the more there were. I *hate* spiders and so I wanted them gone before fall made them want to move indoors on my house. I went out with a ladder and cleared out so many webs -6 of the biggest freaking wolf spiders I've ever seen came fluttering down from around my windows and door frame as I cleaned. Blech. J was giggling at me inside the living room as I was up on the ladder doing it because I kept making ridiculous squeaks whenever I discovered a spider and knocked it to the ground. I was on a ladder so I couldn't really go anywhere - just hope to hell they didn't land on me. Those f*ckers were HUGE. Gibbly gibbly gibbly.
After that I washed the windows and cleaned up a bit in the it was a useful thing in the end. I made J get me some 14 year old Arran scotch at the end after all his giggling - I earned it. Whew.

This morning, since my lungs seem to have recovered from whatever nonsense they picked up on holidays, I started back at my running again. Started back with the Cto5K app to get running again before the winter snows come. I plan to run 3X a week and do physio/weights the other 2, as well as walk to work. I'm going to be a good dialed in eater and exerciser until my birthday at the end of October and see where it gets me. I bet I can make some real strength and fitness improvements in a few months. All I know is I feel freaking amazing this morning so I know I'm off to a good start.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I'm off to the lab for some science.

Friday, August 26, 2016


Well...I worked out twice this week. Not too stellar. Better than nothing BUT I need to do better. I was embarrasingly stiff the day after the bunny hill workouts...heheh. The main problem? Staying up too late. A friend is in town visiting and I'm still sort of on holiday hours so getting up 30-40 minutes early to workout hurt...I need more sleep than I used to and I'm learning. I can be boring and go to be early and workout and feel good or I can be tired and cranky. We ate out twice this week too which didn't help. I tried to be healthy about it, but and Thai food? Nom. Yeah. I have to work on that. And so I will. Each week is a new one :)

This weekend will be interesting. I was gonna be on my own while J worked out of town but his gig was cancelled so he's only doing a bit of work in town. I'm helping a friend paint their deck but other than that it's wide open. There is an event tomorrow night wiht some good music that I might hit up and see, but I'll play it by ear. J is feeling a bit down today so I might just spend the evening with just him and have a quiet weekend. I don't need to get out much to be happy. J is more the social guy, so I'll see what happens. Whatever it is I hope it's's been an expensive month and I need to stop spending $$ like we're on holidays...heheh