Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Slow and steady wins the race

Hiya. How goes things?
Things have been busy and good here. I've been keeping busy and active and trying to keep my activity level up. Instead of updating the chest strap on my 5 year old heart rate watch I invested in a new one when I noticed it was cracked. I haven't had a new watch for 5 years anyways and my wellness funds from work can be used to pay for most of it so I got myself a new heart rate robot.
On friday I just picked up a Garmin vivosmart HR and am really liking it so far. It is a basic smartwatch with a HR monitor...and it's blue. Still figuring out how all the extras work, but I'm very pleased. I've enjoyed having the tracking available on my phone and like not having to wear a chest strap. It's waterproof as well, so I won't accidentally wreck it in the shower or forget to take it off for a bath or swimming. I'm liking it so far. I've yet to have a super intense workout with it, other than briskly walking to work, so I'm curious to map out that  activity and use the app stuff on my phone. I like getting calendar and text reminders on my watch...it's cool. Gives me incentive to move more and more actively track my steps and stairs so that's a good way to get me just do more in my daily life to be more active.
Other than that, life is good. We threw a party for Stella, our 90 year old adopted gramdma on the weekend and I went to a "wellness expo" with my friend Heather. My physio was really helpful. After assessment I was glad to learn that I am apparently about 95% back to normal with my range of motion and I have been given some strength building exercises to do every day, so I'm going to pair them with walking for the month of February to rebuild strength and then hop into a stronger workout come March. Slow and steady wins the race. Knowing that I'm on the right track and I can keep strong really helps me keep in a good headspace and get me through the winter crazies. Hopefully by March it'll be a little warmer and maybe I can start running again. Here's hoping... :)

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Monday kinda sucked and yesterday was colder so I only got to walk home, but today was nicer so I could walk to work after doing a bit of work at home. I did 3 rounds of this before I headed out to work:
12 bicel curls (5 Lb)
12 shoulder raises (5 Lb)
12 low rows (resistance band)
12 high rows (resistance band)
10 ball passes (to foot and back to hand)
10 side crunches each side
20 sumo squats

I have a long boring meeting tonight and last night I spent all most of yesterday doing a bunch of errands myself while J covered a shoot for a friend who's wife's mom is in the hospital so they could spend time with her and look after their new baby. It's not looking like her mom is doing well, so it was worth it to help our friends be there...it was just a lot of stuff to do alone tho - car stuff, groceries and picking up and dropping off. Long day. Bleh.

I have physio booked for friday so I'm looking forward to the assessment to see what I can work on to get stronger and less stiff.

Tonight I have a boring meeting after work and I'm hoping it doesn't run too long. I want to go home and veg with J after. We have a pantry full of food. I'm finding work to be really stale and monotonous the last day or so and I'm exhausted...I wanna be done done done son.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Hibernation 101

I had a lovely weekend hibernating with J. There was much wine and bubble baths and reading and relaxing. I have been enjoying my moka pot -- I picked up some delicious decaf espresso ground french roast and I can make my own americanos at home now. It's glorious. Wish I'd gotten one of these eons ago...good decaf is hard to find. It's a cheap one from Ikea  so I don't know how long it will last, but I wanted to try it out. Mmmm. So good.

This week I am starting to rebuild my strength. Besides walking the 4.5 K to work (it's still only -10!!) I took the time to do 3 reps of the following this morning:

12 bicel curls (5 Lb)
12 shoulder raises (5 Lb)
12 low rows (resistance band)
12 high rows (resistance band)
10 ball passes (to foot and back to hand)
10 crunches

It's a good start. Tomorrow I'll try some leg stuff and rotate back anf forth for about a month before I jump into a more hard core workout. I'd like to get up to more again. If I can get the elliptical free I'll do that as well. I'm curious to try some aquafit classes at the civic centre near my house too. They're thursday evening, so maybe I'll get into that in a few weeks. It'll be fun to do something different - I love water fitness classes - you don't get hot and it'll be easy on my body for a starting back workout. Plus usually it's with a lot of seniors too so I feel like I can do it. :) When it's too cold to walk in february (which will happen...boo..) I may bus in to the gym again in the mornings for a while to use the treadmill here. We'll see. I find the bike very boring, so I can do it, but it's not as exciting as other stuff. I've been itching to run and want to get a new chest strap for my heart rate watch and get my blood pumping. The walking feels so good.

I have declared February to be the month of sewing. I have some arm warmers on the needles and some fabric to sew something cute for Xander so I will spend my frosty days making things and drinking good decaf. *grin*

I'm proud of my home town - we just got into the Guinness Book of World Record yesterday for the largest snowball fight.  8200 people throwing snowballs. So many people came that they ran out of official wristbands to give people at 8200...so likely there was more people than that. Cuz that's how we roll here.  I had plans to go but I fell asleep reading in my chair and missed it. Oops. My nieces were there and they had a blast. Winter? We got it covered!

Anyhoooooo...I should be off. Much to do. Have a wonderful day peoples.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Tiny Tits McGee

My appointment with my surgeon was good. It was over an hour late, and I was ranting about it in my head until I learned why when he arrived. He had been doing plastic surgery on 2 people from LaLoche, where the tragic shootings had happened here a few days ago. He was going above and beyond to help people. He's a good guy. It was a big reminder to me that yes doctors make you wait but yes they are helping people and it might be me next time, so I should be happy and grateful that I get this kind of service and it costs me nothing.
I am happy to say I have the go ahead to exercise again and build up a bit in my upper body. I have to work slow to build up my upper body, but I can run, use the elliptical and other sweaty things, including my core. Just wear a good sports bra and stop if something hurts - makes sense to me. I am also now officially in line for my swap out surgery too, which will likely fall sometime in late April. I am hoping it doesn't fall over the comic expo, since I have plans to head out there with my friends Heather and Lisa and visit my sister, but even if I have surgery right after or before, it's a day thing so I think I can still go and wander a bit. We plan to stay with my sister so I could just stay back home and visit her if I needed to take it easy. We'll see.

I do find it odd though that of all the things covered by my Canadian health insurance through all of this 1 thing is not - fat grafting. They will build me a new breast, add an implant, adjust and lift the other side to match and even build me a nipple if I want but if there are weird dents or lumps in your breast that can be easily fixed by a simple fat grafting procedure you have to pay for that part out of pocket. I have a bit of a dent in my new breast where the thick healthy back skin meets up with the thin irradiated chest skin and fat grafting would make it look perfect, but I will just have to wait and see. Right now it bugs me a bit, but I don't know if it bugs me enough to shell out $1500 to fix it. I suppose I should be grateful that all the rest of this is covered without a problem, but I find it bizarre that fat grafting is not part of reconstruction. "Sure ma'am you can have a new breast - but it probably won't look right - hope that's OK". Sigh. They used to not even cover reconstruction or matching up the other side. Yes it's not like I *need* my breast to get by but why not make it look as good as you can? It already looks so good compared to nothing but a scar so I'm counting my blessings.

My doc says we should just see how things look after the swap out and take it from there. Sometimes people do revisions to get scars right or have nipples added after as a 3rd surgery. That would be when the fat grafting would be done. thing is, I don't really want a nipple - I wish I could do a trade off and ask for fat grafting instead. Too bad it doesn't work that way! I am amused that they have to order in a special smaller implant for the left side they are lifting and adding a bit to to make it match better because they don't stock them regularly. Yep that's me...Tiny Tits McGee.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

NINE! Nine weeks! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Finally! The last piece of healing is completed on my surgical incisions. I don't know what they put in that surgical glue but good grief!! I've been waiting patiently for it all to fall off and be fully healed and exposed for NINE FREAKING WEEKS! I was trimming back the scabs (tmi? sorry...) as they loosened so they wouldn't pull off or snag on clothes and my scars would heal up as well as possible and when I was trimming back the last tiny piece that was about the size of a short grain of rice it just came off all together. At last!!! Finally healed!

Now I can go swimming! I can have a bath in my new bathtub again!!! I bought all these bath salts and bath bombs before christmas as a treat to myself and I've been dying to use them...J has been having baths all the time and I've just been hanging out with him and dreaming about when I can get back into the tub. Truth be told I also feel a bit freer walking about in my knickers in the house too... I don't like PJs but I dislike even more having unhealed things on me and generally keep them covered...this is very freeing. I want to get to know my new body and get to be at home with it. :)

I see my surgeon on thursday for the "am I ready for the swap out surgery" checkup and I can't wait. Hopefully that can get booked in in March and I can be done the last of all this soon. I'm not in pain anymore but the expanders are not flexible at all - they're hard and so some things I do I can feel them...and sleeping on my side with my arm wrong ends up with me having a sore side-boob in the morning if I don't prop my arm up with a pillow. Plus there's a bit of a crease on Frankie where the expander sits under the new skin patch and I'm hoping with an implant it'll be smoother. Maybe they can do a bit of fat grafting to make it more uniform...who knows? These are all things I'll have to wait and see about as I heal. Yes the "boob job" portion of the program will mean more healing again, but I just wanna be done. And honestly, after the lat flap...anything would be a piece of cake.
Mostly, for now, I want my doc's go ahead to exercise vigorously again...I wasn't supposed to get all sweaty while I was still "healing" Hopefully now I can get a serious sweat on...even if I can't do much upper body work for a while yet I can definitely get sweaty soon, I hope. My pants are getting to be a bit snug and that's usually when I have to step up and reign myself in and I'd rather exercise more than eat less...winter is always tough for that kinda thing.

This morning I walked to work again. It was a bit cooler (about -15 with the wind) but I bundled up and took a mug of coffee and was just fine. Listened to some old Police and watched the moon over the river. Good way to start the day. I hope this warm spell stays for a while.

I must be off. Science is calling.
Later taters.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Too many. Just too many.

I just learned that my friend's mum who was diagnosed with breast cancer last year had a relapse and she died his morning. Rosanne Parry was one of the kindest brightest souls I have ever met...
Fuck you cancer.
Don't come around here again.

A respite from the cold

It's warming up a bit for a while. I was good all week with my morning biking but this AM I didn't for a good reason. This morning it was only -7 and although there was some wind (~20 kph) I dug out my long down coat and good boots and walked to work. It was FABULOUS. I sipped my coffee and strolled to the sounds of an old Coldplay album. Such a great way to start the day. And my hat head when I got here was spectacular! :)

It's gonna be a fun weekend. Tonight I'm excited to go and see a few shows (they all come at once it seems). My old high school friend Tabitha is in town from up north with her bluegrass band and they're playing a show at a coffee shop at about 8 tonight so I'm looking forward to seeing that and then a bit of a visit after. I never get to see her enough. Then a friend of mine is in town playing breaks at another club at midnight so I'll likely head over there as well for a bit of a dance and a visit...I can finally dance again and I could do with some good butt-wiggling. Saturday they are doing a Bowie tribute at the local arts theatre playing Labyrinth and Space Oddity and I hope to get to at least one of those...then at night it's a friend's birthday after so I'm sure some shenanigans will ensue. Sunday I'm taking Heather out on a girls day so she can have a bit of kiddie free time...don't know what we'll do but it will be nice to see her and catch up. I'll probably need a day off after all this to hibernate and reboot but it'll be worth it. It's nice to have stuff to do... :) January is always a broke month and to have fun stuff to do that is low cost makes the time go by faster.
BUT I should get off to the lab. I've been stuck decomissioning 2 old labs and it's a lot of work on top of my regular duties. I've been tossing SO much stuff...so satisfying...but I'm glad to be almost done. Whenever I do this it makes me want to go home and purge my house too, which I suppose is a good thing.
Have a fabulous weekend all you fine peoples!!