the curse of alfredo

I looked up how many calories are in the recipe of the homemade alfredo sauce I had yesterday. That was a dumb thing to do. Want to know?
Go on. Guess. It's 2 zillion times higher than you'd imagine.
968 calories in a cup. In a CUP.

Don't mind me. I'm feeling very plump today...I know I'm nor more than 1 or 2 Lb from normal, but for whatever reason, I feel huge. My eating has been way off lately and I get crotchety when my knee is being temperamental. We all have those days. Knowing I inhaled a days worth of calories in a pasta meal isn't reassuring...

This morning I got up for a workout. I didn't use any extra weight for my step ups or squats and my knee seemed OK with it. I did the rest of my workout as normal and had a nice swim - 12 laps. My knee got a bit stiff by the end of the swims, but overall I think it went well. I have healthy food today (not an alfredo in sight) and I'm trying to psych myself up as it will be a LOOONG day. I have a conference in the beginning of June at which I have to present all my data. Heh. Which means exporting it, compiling it, copying and pasting it together and doing some stats. And I have a LOT of data. I'm nearly done analysis, but the server keeps crashing and the It people are slower than slow at fixing it. I'm sure, being me, I will get it all done, even if I pull crazy schedules again to do it. I just don't want to.
I'm tired and I feel like I've eaten to much alfredo sauce...but I shall prevail...ish.


Scrumpy said...

I'm guessing I didn't know that for a reason... I didn't WANT to know! Wow!

azusmom said...

Evil alfredo!!!!
You're doing a GREAT job! And that light at the end of the tunnel is making its appearance again.

westwood said...

I didn't know that and I kind of wish I hadn't. Pasta primavera it is... don't tell me the count for that...

(but thank you, actually)

Leslie Goldman said...

I just interviewed an RD who told me she tells clients "Be very afraid-o the alfredo." :-)