ROAD TRIP!! 2 hours I'm off the road to this:

Then we're gonna visit my sister and continue on to BC to this:



See you in a few weeks :)

life goals

I strive for this. Some days I fall flat on my face but you do what you can...

I'm in week 2 of my Couch to 5K program again. So far so good. i did my physio for the first time yesterday as well, so I'm slowly working my way back. Running in the morning is just a beautiful's too hot to run after work. So far so good. :)

I had my annual physical - the first one since I finished everything and I'm happy to say I'm in great health. My bad cholesterol is so low it's below the lower limit and all the other stuff is OK as well. It's good to know that I seem to be getting back to things and my health is good. After all I've been through, it's reassuring. I know I can never forget and pretend I'm not worried it'll come back, but for now I'm doing alright. I have a whole summer of just holidays and bonfires and BBQs and hiking and music festivals...and and Hee hee.

Build a fire...we're gonna build a fire

Well sunday I finally did what I've been saying I would do for 5 odd years or so...I built the firepit. J's aunts who used to live here built a small firepit right beside our house under the trees so I could never use it without possibly burning the house...or shed...or yard down. So fires for me. We had actually taken to hauling wood across the river to a firepit in the trees there. All the pieces were here even so it cost me nothign but some manual labor... I just had to move it to a safe space in the yard. I decided that this summer I would do all the things like this I've been talking about because...well...because life is too damn short and I just want to have a fire in my back yard. (dammit)

And so after 2 hours of digging and sawing at tree roots (which was very satisfying if not a little frustrating) I present to you our fire pit. Mee hee.

J being the sweet man he is heard me swearing and digging and left to pick me up some cold beer so when I was done I could stand all satisfied and drink one (OK two...) smugly when I was done. I can have a bonfire in my yard now.



Today I attacked our yard. This was no small feat. After 3 hours of solid work our back yard has been mowed and pruned and all the  trees have been cut back. It felt good to work and holy cow does the yard look a zillion times better. My dad is coming for an overnight stay this week and since I'm pretty much 6 weeks from surgery I am OK to do to it and get it ready - plus I always feel bad if my yard is overgrown when my dad visits. He gets this look on his face...he never says anything, but I feel more adult when I have the yard in check. Ive had a valid excuse, but's nice to look out from the deck (which I also got set up) and see my yard and it makes me happy. :) Tomorrow I plan on setting up the firepit and having a bonfire. I can't wait.

It's been a nice few weeks healing up and now I am going to go make a delicious supper and enjoy an evening with my J.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.

It's June. Let's get back on it.

This morning I started my slow return to exercise. Hee hee.
I did some lower body stuff and ab stuff:
ball passes
leg lifts
side leg lifts
kick backs
then some lunges, some squats, some sumo squats and good mornings...
Then I walked to work. Good start I think.

As of monday I can start at my upper body but I thought I'd ease into it. Tomorrow I'll try the bike. I want to start my couch to 5K in the mornings starting monday as well, so I'm pumped for that to start. The weather has been glorious and I see all those people out running and I'm jealous!!! I'm feeling pretty normal now and if I take it easy I think I'll be able to work on some jiggle and get a bit more fit for summer. I have things to do and I want to be healthy enough to do them :)

So nice to know that this is it. No more waiting. Time to get back to things.
Aw yeah.