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Intuitively Uberfrau

OK - I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Pondering. Worrying. Laughing. Stressing....and in the end it needs to stop. And so, I think that my focus for this next month is to eat intuitively.

I feel like I've been thinking about food too much. It's weirding me out. This maintenance thing is tricky...I know me and how I can get, and I feel I need to relax and stop focusing on it so much. The scientist in me wants it to be all precise and measured and calculated....and you can't do that to life. I need to step away from the numbers. Eat well. Sleep. Build muscle. Work on my nutritious and focus on being uberfrau. No guilt. No punishments or rewards based on food.

It's tricky, as I'm mid PMS at the moment and feel as tho I could rip my arm off, dip it in tartar sauce and have a nice pre-supper snack, but I will persevere to sanity and beyond. :)

Here's to me :)

Nice weekend.

This morning I was up and out the door to the gym. I did my upper body and abs and 28 minutes on the bike, and I'm in for lunch with a good breakfast and a healthy sandwich for lunch. Eees all good.
I had a nice weekend - got some work done on my MSc and had a family supper visit, at which I managed to keep it together and not overeat and still have a glass of wine. Sunday I relaxed with my husband and made some raspberry cornmeal scones as a reward for shampooing the rug in our dining room (grrr...i love my cats i love my cats...)
Mmmmmm. The scones were heaven. I even kept it together with healthy nibbling at a friend's house playing video games last night. It could have been better...but it could have been worse. I'm currently hormonal and could eat everything in sight, so I'm trying to roll with it and do my best. Relaxing with friends helped relieve stress's fun to spend the evening like a student every once in a while - video game and pretzel therapy - it…

Friends with cake are the best kinds of friends :)

Last night I got a lot of work done and then took out some books to read (got my public library card renewed finally) and got down to some serious reading for my class. And, I must say, it is all so bloody fascinating! I'm learning about the 3 big people responsible for quality and quality assurance in the world - Shewhart, Demming and Juran. Fascinating guys. Then I'm applying it to a well known lab measurement method and then using this knowledge to apply to my own project for a final paper. Man - I love this directed learning stuff :)
And lo and behold in the midst of reading, my friend and his girl called on the chicklet (my red cellphone) and in a few minutes had popped in at our door with a surprise cake. A yummy cake...with coconut buttercream. Oh Yum. So, I took a break from reading, yakked happily and ate come cake. Yes, I should probably not have eaten the cake as this week is supposed to be a concentrated no crap week...but what do you do in this sort of a situation?…

over the hump

Well this morning I was up and out the door to do my upper body work and then some time on the exercise bike. Today felt good...I bumped up to the 12.5 Lb dumbbells which look all manly and less shiny because someone else had the 12s and it was fine. I felt extra strong with the new dumbbells. Cheesy I know, but hey - I'll take it. My abs are a bit sore from my abfest yesterday and I am tired, but that is the way it goes lately.

Last night I was pretty proud of myself. I had a long day of work, then a few hours of cell culture for my MSc project and then a stop in the library for some books I have to read this weekend (goody) for my class. J came and got me and when I finally got home I was determined to make a healthy meal even tho I was tired and ravenous. We ended up with something fast but still really healthy: "Gramma salad" (cabbage apple nut salad) with some homemade lean ground pork burgers. I had no bun, just some salsa and cheese - I am finding I like them sans …

Adding some planks to core day

I always thought "what's the big deal about planks anyways?". They really don't look that hard. I know they are excellent for building core strength so I figure I should do more to strengthen my core. Well today I decided, having declared Wednesday core/ab day a while back, I'd try them.
And holy crap are they hard! Sure I do a lot of core work on core day, but I didn't realise just how hard it was to hold your body in place for any length of time. I thought I'd have enough strength to do it no prob. I've done a few in the past for 20 seconds, but I figured I'd go for 1 minutes ones today. Really see what I'm made of.

After 30 minutes of speed walking on an incline I got down to business. I've worked up from a few flailing crunches over 5 months to a really solid ab/core workout. My full on amazon abs/core work looks like this:
50 regular crunches
50 lower ab crunch/leg raises
50 side crunches on each side
50 moving elbow to knee crunches, both…

zen and the art of muscle maintenance

Wow...I learned yesterday and this morning why I like working out really early. I went to the gym yesterday for my workout after work and it was so incredibly crowded. I had to work in sets on the machines and wait for weights to do my upper body work. I even had to wait for a stretch out mat. The room was sweaty and humid. Thankfully the exercise bikes aren't every one's first choice so I didn't have to worry about them, but man. So crowded.
This morning?
Much better.
Instead of over a hundred people there was maybe 30...lots of room to work in my legwork (got my lunges in again today) and do my cardio on the bike. Lots of room to stretch. No fighting for outlets in the bathroom to dry my much more zen and relaxing. Yes I'm always tired to start out with, but I really find my workout time to be a solace, sort of zen thing for me and all those people yesterday really made it hard to get into the groove.

It's kind of cool to realise you're doing the rig…

snack attack

Well we were away all weekend and got back late, so I'm working out after work today instead of before, to get in a bit more sleep this morning. I still have healthy food and a post-workout protein shake. All is well.

I relearned an evil trigger food for me over the weekend. We went to a potluck on saturday night and I'd brought along some cookies and muffins along with us for it and I must have eaten 7 or 8 cookies on the trip up there. Thing is - normally I don't have an issue with sweet stuff. As I slowly inhaled cookies over the trip remembered just why I didn't make these particular cookies anymore -because I liked them so much. Too much. My mum had the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever (no don't even. They are the best. The end.). I make them for potlucks and such...a guaranteed winner. Being trapped in a car with them was too much. I was reminded this weekend that despite my best efforts, I cannot eat "just one" of some things like this that wi…

Pulp edition

I admit it -sometimes exercise can be dull. I enjoy most of what I do in my morning workouts, but when my knee flares up and the pool (grrr) still isn't open after repairs, I'm often delegated to 30 minutes on the exercise bike for some cardio. Some days it's all good. Often the news will be on the gym TV. Maybe a cooking show, the Sopranos or even (squee!) the Golden Girls.
Occasionally, like this morning, I'll really be bored and want something to keep me occupied while I pedal that doesn't involve talking to the creepy guy on the bike next to me and the TV's have all been reset to (sigh) sports. Then I dive into the gym's drawer of free "fitness" and "health" magazines to read while pedalling away. I find it makes other people uncomfortable if I spend my time watching them workout, so I figured it would be a decent entertainment.
The more I read them, the more I realize - boy was I wrong. I think my brain actually shrinks ever so slight…

Sugar attack

I forgot my protein shake this morning (and my phone...sigh) so I grabbed a protein bar when I bought a coffee on my way to work. I just picked the one with the most protein in it and least sugar...which you'd think would be easy. And so I have a beef. A BIG one. All the protein bars there -They're all chocolate or caramel with nuts and extra chocolate dipped in chocolate. With more chocolate.
I don't mind a bit of dark chocolate, but this bar made my teeth ache. I know I needed the protein but after eating the bar, I feel like it was WAY too much sugar. I don't like sweets mych to begin with. Especially before my actual breakfast of cottage cheese and fruit (delicious BTW)...blech. Not what I wanted. I fail to get this - How are sugar filled bars supposed to be healthy? Is it to make you feel less guilty when you have a chocolate bar? Is it to entice you in to try something healthier...ish? I don't get the whole chocolate dipped phenomena. It's not he…


This morning is COLD.
How cold?
-33C. With the wind it is -43.
Yup. Official winterey chilly - even the gym had a chill to it. I stuck to machines far from the windowed walls! Brrr...the hot shower at the end was actually nice :)
I did my upper body workout this morning and 28 minutes on the exercise bike. Then my post workout protein shake and banana and in to work, with a healthy breakfast of a bunch of cottage cheese and blueberries.
Here's hoping to today rocks. Our car got stuck at J's work last night as he forgot to plug in the block heater, so I'm hoping after being plugged in all night it will start up OK today at the end of the day. It was a lame way to end the day. It's supposed to warm up by tonight to a more human temperature...I don't like it when it's this cold. It's dangerous. Makes me glad to take the bus...

Here's to warmer days!

Half done the week

This morning was really nice - it's warmed up significantly overnight. It was nice to wait for the bus and not freeze. Winters here seem to last forever, but I don't mind them so much as long as it's not stupidly cold. :)
This morning I did my lower body weights and ab work but no lunges. I'm giving my knee this week off from lunges just to be sure it's happy. Then 30 minutes on the exercise bike. It felt really good to sweat this morning. Makes you feel alive doesn't it?
I feel a lot more sane today. Part of it is a good night's sleep. Part of it is getting caught up on some chores and unpacking some of the stuff I brought back from my Dad's house. Now *my* house looks less cluttered. I also finally finished doing the tack-ties on the quilt I recovered over the holidays so it will stay in place inside the new more worrying about being poked by pins :)
I must go and get some work done. I've got healthy meals packed and I'm looking forwar…

Just a second

This morning I got up for working out and I feel so much better. Grounded.
I did my upper body weights workout and 30 minutes on the bike. I have healthy meals today and much to do, but it is amazing the mood boost that workouts give you.
Sorry I can't stay - too much to do today.

Today is going to be a good one...I can feel it :)

Slept in. Bad me.

I know, I know - I should have gotten up this morning, but I didn't.
I spent a long LONG weekend packing up my childhood home and drove there and back home on cold and very icy roads after...and I almost made it home and slid into a snowbank once I reached the city. Grrr. Full purple minivans do not handle the same as my car :) Unfortunately I will have to pay to fix up the bumper on the in-laws van where I hit the snow, but thankfully I wasn't going too fast and no one was just wasn't the way I'd planned to end the weekend. I was very glad when I finally got home to stay.

I spent all weekend helping Dad pack up the childhood home in Odessa. We even ate out at the local greasy spoon cafe while we worked to save time. And blech - WAY too much food, but we were busy and it did the trick. I probably ate 2 days worth of food, but I was stressed and I admit I buried my anxiety in food. Not proud of that...but I was just too emotionally drained to be "good"…

Friday at last

Just popping in quick.

Last night after the tupperware party (which really wasn'ta s lame as I figured) I had lots of snow to shovel so I got in some exercise after all. Of course it snowed 5 cm overnight so all my hard work is covered up again this morning, but that's OK. It's J's turn to shovel this time :)

This AM I got up again and focusedon weights. I did upper body and abs and then also did the lower body weights I do minus all the lunges and Bulgarian one legged whatsits I do to be kind to my knee, with no extra cardio at the end as I ran out of time. My knee feels a bit stiff still, so I figure this way I've got the weight training I need for now, and this weekend I'll be helping my Dad move all weekend so I'll get in lots of cardio and lifting and packing then so I'm sure I'll be just fine. :)

I feel great, and now I'm in to check a few cell cultures for my MSc and then it's off for the rest of the day to pack pack pack move move move.

Day of rest

This morning my knee was still a bit stiff and it clicked when I got up, so seeing as it is leg day I just curled up under my lovely duvet and napped instead of working out. I was getting pretty run down, and I know my knee needed a bit more love, so I figured I'd let off for the day. Tomorrow is arm day so I can hop back in. My shoulders are still a bit stiff from Tuesday's upper body muscle fest too so I know I'm working hard. Normally I'd go for a swim as that seems to work the knee kinks out but they still haven't finished repairing the pool yet. They have (of course) run into issues, so it'll be a while yet before the pool will be open. It's too bad - swimming is my default thing when my knee acts up...I'll just have to be a patient little grasshopper. :) So instead I have healthy meals all day and I'm ready for whatever is up today.

Today I've been roped into going to a Tupperware party after work (Zzzzzzzzz.....) in exchange for borrowing …

Getting in touch with my muscley side

This morning my knee was still really stiff (??) so I just came in to work and did my upper body and back stuff. I did about 9 minutes of rowing for a bit of cardio at the end until I had no more oomph, but I just focused on form and trying a few more new things to prep for starting Rachel Cosgrove's book. I left my knee alone. Since I had more time than normal with the cardio bit gone I tried a few other alternate row/pull moves (not sure of their names) and doing all my arm work with 12 lb weights (first time! Yay!) I am also pumped because I did bench presses with a real weight bar on a bench. Me hee. Sure it was a bar with no weights on it and it was all I could do to do 2 reps of 10 but I did it. :) arms ar jiggly like jello now. They've been put thru the paces today!

Today is another busy day. I'm wearing some more of my new clothes and I feel great. Jeans that fit. A shirt that is tailored and fitted. It's amazing how a little thing like clothing that fi…

We should all wear polka dots

I've had this song in my head all morning. Not sure why. Parts of it are kind of catchy, but it's not a favourite or anything. Really minimal electronic. It's in a Podcast of dance music I have. I ended up listening to it to work out to try and get it out of my head. No luck :) Still there. Now you can have it in your head too...(the song only really kicks in at about 1 minutes...the time at the front is for mixing into other racks)

This AM I was up and out the door for lower body workout and I started 30 minutes of fast pedalling cardio on the bike, but after 15 minutes my knee was really stiff, so I switched over to a brisk walk on the treadmill for the other 15. My goal this year is to listen to my body. I'm hoping I won't injure myself if I take more care. Here's hoping. Then I did my ab work...and I'm in at work.
Today is my yearly physical. I'm so pumped to see how healthy I am. Get my blood work back in a few days more to make sure I'm eating p…

Its true! Hard work does pay off.

So. Tired.

I was up doing the first night of homework for the semester (oh joy). This morning was upper body work and abs and 30 minutes on the treadmill at fast walk with HIT sprints added in. My protein shake and banana and then yummy breakfast of fruit and cottage cheese. Yum. I have to stay awake for my class's a directed reading class and I'm the only one in it so my prof will notice if I'm out of it. I'm having a big cup of coffee because my prof is also my boss...yeah it's complicated and I want to impress. I am privileged to get a directed reading class from him on topics directly related to my project that he is an expert in. He retires this summer after 30 years doing clinical chemistry and quality assurance...he even survived cancer. I totally respect this guy. I'm looking forward to the class. I hope I impress...

I'm so happy that tonight I get to hang out with my husband. I miss him after 10 days off together. We've both been overw…

too much of a good thing?

This morning was lower body work and 30 minutes on the bike and a yummy healthy breakfast and lunch. It's so good to start off the day this way. It sort of sets the tone of the day...

Lately I've been a bit miffed at one of the doctors I work with. She is going thru a bit of a mid-life thing and is a bit insecure...and it shows. She's late 40s (and looks great I may say) and lately has gotten an eye lift and some new clothes and recently gotten divorced too, which I'm sure isn't helping things (or maybe it is, who knows?).
Over the last 4-5 months I have really seriously focused on working out with weights and eating very healthily and, if I may be so bold to say it, it shows. I look great (I think) I'm not perfect by any means, but for me, I'm happy as I am. I have recently got clothing that fits my new fit frame and take pride in how I look now. I am confident. Strong.

And this doctor, LITERALLY every single damn time I see her comments on how "oh dear …

Shake your rumpah!

This morning was nice. We stocked up on groceries last night so I have a huge collection of healthy goodness to choose from for lunches. I also have a new chocolate protein powder shake to try out for the month. Thought I'd change it up from the vanilla. It's pretty tasty. I admit I really like the post-workout shake and a banana as an after-workout thing. Yummy.

Today I did my upper body - arms and back and abs and then 30 minutes biking fast. I feel really good. When I got in this morning there was a guy in the weight area posing and preening about and dressed like a rap star so I giggled and put on some suitable tunes -Beastie Boys, plopped myself on the nearby weight bench, grabbed some 12Lb dumbbells and proceeded to pump iron right along with him, much to his amusement. And I had a great workout :) Now, I feel great. I've got some of my new clothes on that fit, so I feel rather sharp - some skinny fit jeans I picked up in Toronto and a new long brown cowl necked sweate…

2011 challenge

Over at Fat Girl Wearing Thin, she has a challenge for this coming year.
To love yourself -"The Hate-Loss Challenge".
Here's the low-down from her site:

"Rules: There is only one rule: At least once a day you must attempt to use one or more of these words in your vocabulary about yourself – and mean it: strong, courageous, beautiful/handsome, better, unique, remarkable, confident, conditioned, fascinating, pleasing. I encourage you to say the words out loud. Listen to how they sound as they are defining you!
Extra credit: mind-blowing, wicked-hot, awe-inspiring, sexy, sensational.

Off Limits: Words you can not use: failure, undeserving, incompetent, lazy, no-good, fat, unattractive, sloppy, defeated, unworthy.

It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to have off-days; just don’t let those feelings consume you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and never, ever let your weight define you."

I believe in this. I found for me the clincher in making a positive real and permanent cha…

Everything is New Again

Hello :)
Sorry I've been rather hermity over the holidays. I logged my odd workout, but I spent most of my time relaxing and hanging with my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my free time this holiday season. Most days I was good food wise, and the odd day I indulged in some yummy ginger cookies, the odd pretzel and some spiced ale or a banana daiquiri (my new favourite drink at the moment). And, all is well. Over the holidays I have only gained a pound. Considering I could not work out regularly, I'm pretty pleased with how it all went, as I wasn't terribly careful about food. I'm grateful, as stepping on the scale this AM to get a starting point for the week has finally silenced the little voice in the back of my head that kept trying to tell me I was doomed to regain 5-8 pounds and that I'd be all instantly wibbly and pudgy after the holidays. I didn't realise how much the thought of that bothered me until I came face to face with it. Genuine fear and …