In on my Day Off

We get every 4th friday off work so I'm taking advantage of it to come in, work out as usual and (knock on wood) finish scanning the last of my MSc project slides. Noone can bug me to do real work, as I'm not technically here (wohoo! I'm invisible!)
Must dash, but wanted to log the workout quickly - Workout B + abfest + 30 minutes on the bike at resistance 5.
Geo out.


Just a quick pop in to log my workout - this AM I did workout "A" with 30 minutes on the bike.

Gotta run! :)

Better late than ever - my bikini challenge after photo

Aaaaaaaaand -because I promised - here we go. Better late than never -a few goofy "after" photos from YumYucky's Bikini challenge that I've been working hard on the last few months.

They were taken by my luv at a music festival a week or so ago, in a moment of happy strangeness after a day at the beach while putting together a costume for a party that evening. I don't really have a before shot, which is why I didn't submit it all official-like, but I wanted to post them because I'm pretty proud of the muscle tone I've been developing. My holiday away did not enhance this look by any means, but I want to keep it up. It was strange and fantastic to wear a string bikini and not feel awkward in it.
Crazy. I like it...
Yay me :)

Hardcore workout day

Today I had a solid workout. I love what my body can do.
My workout was workout "B", which I'm going to list, so it's "out there" and I can just call it that from now on...
3 sets of 20 deadlifts (50 Lb)
2 sets of 10 walking lunges with 10Lb torso twists
2 sets of 10 one legged bulgarian squats
2 sets of sides lunges with 10Lb weight
3 sets of 12 at 50 Lb -leg extensions
2 sets of 20 at 90 Lb on the hip machine each of- back/butt, then inner leg, then outer leg
2 sets of 10 burpees - with full manly pushups. Oh. Yeah.

Then 29 minutes on the bike at resistance 5 and my abfest, cuz it's wednesday.

I admit - I'm feeling pretty fierce. I'm down 1 Lb...which means I have 4.5 to recover left from my holiday of overdoing it...but I don't want to focus on numbers. I'm just loving how I *feel* again. Strong. Confident. I want more of *that*. :)

It was strange - on holidays I ate like I used to *before*. And I wonder - just how easy would it be to slip back to that. I admit I really showed no restraint...and I don't think I will do so on my next holiday. It was like I tried to make up for a year of healthy eating all in a week or so. I thought having someone else look after the food would be relaxing - and it was, but definitely not healthy. J's family doesn't eat as healthily as we do now. So, next holiday I will plan a bit - bring healthy snacks and sides...more fruits and veggies. Because a little indulgence is OK. What I did? Well, I knew damn well that I shouldn't need to use tums every day because my stomach hurt is all I'm saying. And the funny thing is - I learned a bit about myself. How I celebrate with food, but there is a I'll still eat whatever is in front of me if I'm not being diligent. I kept telling myself I was on holiday so it was OK to have everything and then a few beer on top of it all. It is no wonder I used to weigh so much more than I do.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not feeling guilty - I just feel so much more aware of myself and how I still have "that" side of me...the overeating side. It reminded me that I do not think I ever will be able to have a normal relationship with food all the time. How I need to find some moderate exercise even when I'm on holidays. Despite how it annoys me, I just will have to be diligent with food and exercise...for the rest of my life - it is what I must do if I want to be who I am now physically.

August is going to be all about healthy choices - paying attention to what I eat. Not calories, but investing in veggies and grains and perhaps finding a few more new healthy recipes that I like. Minimal processed foods, with a focus on food as fuel. I will continue to tweak my workouts and increase my burpees to 30 twice a week. I will make each workout count. I will do what I can when I can. I will take pride in each new day. I will push to finish my MSc research so I can begin (meep) my thesis.

After all - I am the uberfrau. I am worth it.

I'm back baby!

Hello there! How is ya all?
I am back from holidays...with a tan and a few extra pounds. I am totally relaxed and ready for life again. was a good holiday.
J and I went camping to a music festival with friends for 6 days and had a wonderful time, and then after a single day back (and 2 workouts I diligently fit in there in the middle) I was up at the lake with my Dad and J's family who rented out the cabin next to my Dad's for a week. It was kinda rainy, but I had a great time anyways...lots of relaxing and visiting and so. much. food. I admit, I totally went off diet and I know I'm up about 5 Lb (not just off the wagon but running screaming in the opposite direction!), but considering the lazy glutton I made of myself I am not surprised. It was fun tho - caught some fish, ate some shmores, played with my nieces, hugged my Dad...I am ready to be very healthy and work to get back to where I was, and don't regret it...well not much anyways. It was what I needed to get back in the right headspace and feel like me again. I did overdo it a bit, but I needed to get away to find myself again. And I did...

SO...I'm back at work this morning, after a solid workout and a healthy breakfast. It's healthy meals and back at the MSc stuff again...after 3 weeks off of it it will take a few days to get back up to speed, but honestly - ees cool. I'll catch up. I will figure it out. Life will go on and I am ready for it.

I'm off to science town! Later taters :)


Talk amongst yourselves...

Later taters...:)

Let them roam free

Yesterday was a struggle against the nibbles. Not sure why...had to stop myself from snacking...gave in a bit (had to "test" a piece of the rice krispie cake I made for the camping trip of course...) but tried to keep it together. I spent the evening doing the odd things needed to get ready for our upcoming trip to another music festival. I'm gonna rock my bikini and enjoy time with friends in the sun. 2 of my favourite artists Shpongle and Infected Mushroom will be playing, as well as a lot of my friends. My friend Mel is in charge of one of the stages again and we'll be there to help out and will be a good time I think. There's a nice river and beach too...Forecast looks sunny - I'm looking forward to it. I'm starting to feel like myself again with all this time's really wonderful. When we get back I can go visit my dad for almost a week. Here's hoping I don't fall too far behind...

Since I know it may be my last workout for the week (I may be able to sneak a home one in tomorrow AM before we leave, I'm not sure) I came in and had a good solid workout...workout #2 (the one with the deadlifts) and some ab stuff ended with 30 minutes of sweaty biking at resistance 5. I also did 2 sets of 10 burpees -I'm really proud of myself for that. I've been trying to add in burpees here and there and I've worked my way up from just a few to being able to do 2 sets of 10 in a row...all guy style pushups too. I'm hoping to add a third set of 10 by the end of the summer. They're such a great overall exercise...and I've finally built up a it of muscle so I can actually do more than 1 or two with good form :) Progress feels good.

In my infinite sleepiness this AM I forgot to pack my bra. Yes...classy. After waiting for my workout tank to dry out I can (yech) wear it under my Tshirt today...I can't get away with free girls today with the shirt I can see the straps and it's not exactly what I'd like, but can't wear my labcoat everywhere :). Whenever I don't pack my stuff the night before I end up forgetting something. Usually it's not!

Have a great day everyone. What are your plans for the rest of the summer??

I fixed it :)

I feel ever so relaxed. I took the weekend off from my MSc and focused on house stuff and spending time with my Luv. It was great. There were a few mojitos and tasty food, but nothing too out of line. I'm happy to report that my house and yard are in much better shape now, and my roof patch worked :) It rained yesterday rather hard for a few hours and the usual leaks are now gone. Meep!
This AM I was up and into work out as usual, doing workout #1 and my abfest with some time on the bike. I have healthy meals today, and lots to catch up on...I feel so very rested though. J and I watched Black Swan last night and I really enjoyed it...seeing Natalie Portman go wackadoo nuts from stress just reaffirmed that yes, me taking it a bit easy for a bit is good for me. I do not want to go nuts...I was very close to breaking down at the end of June and I need to recoup for the next final long haul of my MSc. I'm getting there...bit by bit. It's good to be me...I need to be reminded of that sometimes :)

Have a great day :)


...this AM I ate a granola bar before I worked out as I was hungry and it sat like a brick in my stomach the whole time. Bleh. Note to food before workouts...

Last night was *SO* hot and of those days I'm glad we have AC. We don't use it very often, but sometimes you just have to to cool off the place to get to sleep. Usually opening the windows to the breeze will do the trick, but not last night. Yes, summer is officially here. I'm hoping for a thunderstorm today to break the humidity and to test out my patching skills...

I was in and did the same workout as wednesday, and now after a healthy breakfast I'm in at work, ready to go. I'm trying to get a few things organised and worked out so that when I take 10 days off things will be looked after while I'm's hoping it all comes together. Stuff like this always pops up while I'm away it seems...

I was in the mall wandering about last night doing some errands and in addition to picking up a few cheap summer duds I came across a bathing suit sale...and am now the proud owner of my very first string bikini. I know. Crazy. I never in my life thought I'd be able to wear, and look good in, one of these. But you know - I do. :) I'm certainly not perfect, but's good enough for me :) Best $20 I've spent in a while...J was in awe's so sweet how he loves the changes in me as much as I do :). Knowing he's loved me all along at all my sizes and shapes is invaluable to me...I asked him and he is OK with me posting a pic of myself in it for the bikini challenge, so I'll get him to snap a pic of me in it to post. Bwaha! Victory :)
Have a nice sunny day all! I plan on finding a balance between work and having a bit of a life this weekend...and by life I mean mojitos :)
Later taters!

Fixing a hole where the rain gets in...

Last night I was out in the yard taming the jungle (we haven't mowed in about 3 weeks from all the rain) and then hopped up on the roof to try and patch up a leak we have around the vent flashing for the bathroom. I'm hoping all the tar I slathered on up there will do the trick. The leaking when it rains has gotten progressively worse and it's gotten to the point where we can't ignore it anymore. Before we hired someone to do some serious work, I wanted to see what we could do on our own. Now I actually *want* it to rain just so I can see how well the patch worked :)
This AM I was up and in to work out again, with my other regular workout and 29 minutes on the bike. I still had to pace myself so I didn't cough too much but I had a nice solid workout and I feel quite good now.
Today there is much to do at work and at home after, so I must be off.
Hope you all have a great day :)

Bikinis and booty

I was reminded today - I've been in the bikini body challenge over at YumYucky's blog for the last few months and I really need to get to posting a "after" of me in a bikini. Ahem. Being lazy and on holidays, I only have this sort of relevant photo at the mo - it's from sunday when I was camping...I'm in a bikini top. Which is kinda half way there. It's all I've got for now...I promise to have a full one soon...ish. :) If nothing else, when I'm at the beach next week I'll snap one. I confess I've still got some of the old insecurities when it comes to bikini bottoms....not a huge fan of the bottoms, but I'll rock the tops this summer :)

So how about you? You feeling good for summer?


Ah. Back again.
It was a lovely week off. I could use more actually.
Yesterday I was rather pouty and annoying to be about I'm sure as I moped about at the thought of returning to work today...but it's not so bad. We had a lovely time off in the woods visiting friends in the sunshine and dancing the night away. The weather was perfect - 20 degrees with a breeze. And it turns out that I can dance for a long time now...hooray for workouts :) Yes, it was a great little holiday. I'm looking forward to my next week off in a little bit. I want MORE laziness :)

This AM, despite being out late last night I was up and in to the gym. I did one of my usual workouts and abfest and then on the bike for 27 minutes. I came down with a cold while on holiday (whee) but I haven't gotten super sick, so it hasn't slowed me down too much. I was able to workout today with no issues...just a few extra rests and a bit less intense on the cardio. It felt good to workout this morning...I missed it. Odd I know.

I shall keep going and work hard. Holidays like this remind me why I work so hard :)