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I could sleep for my country

Yesterday, no word of a lie, I slept easily 20 hours out of 24. Wow. So tired. And I still went to bed on time and slept all night. I had food ready to warm up which was nice...I definitely was run down. ABout a week post chemo I seem to have a few days of utter exhaustion so I'm learning to plan for them so I can just nap and recouperate.
Thankfully, today, I feel quite nice. Yes I am still low energy, but not the marrow sucking, mopey, unable to form sentences sort of tired I was yesterday. Oh yes -Today I have put on pants! Today I have made slow cooker veg chili and tea and am enjoying mental clarity and doing a few little things around the house. I am looking forward to the weekend with J, since he has been working long days all week, and is also tired, so we can have every excuse to relax together on the weekend, watch movies together, eat healthy food and rest up.  I hope you are all having a wonderful day. The cats and I are :)


Yesterday was fun. Despite being tired my best friend came by to cheer me up and get me out for a bit and we drove a ways to a cool wig shop in another city...and in the end I bought a few wigs. And you know I really hadn't realized how nice it would be to have the option to look into the mirror and see regular old me looking back. Most days I don't mind. Really...but some days...well...I feel a bit like this:
It was nice to get out and be a bit normal and wander a bit and try on all manner of rediculous hair (I am definitely *not* meant to be a curly strawberry blonde!!) but I think we pushed it, cuz today... I am just pooped. Just utterly exhausted. So.... I will rest and nap in my new PJs and eat my FILs delicious soup.
Hope you are all warm and toasty where ever you all are. Happy thanksgiving to all my american friends. There much to be grateful for.
And pie.
Don't you dare forget the pie :)

Chillin wif my furry peeps

Just settling for a post chemo week of recovery and feeling tired, but ok. J is back at work today but I hope he can come home at lunch for a bit :). My good friend Heather may pop by for tea too. We shall see. I have been noshing on my fave Bolthouse smoothies as breakfasts and some amazing homemade chicken soup from my FIL (the man knows his soup!) and getting by the last few days. 
I am itching to get my stitches out from my port next monday so I can get the ok to exercise my arms and sweat a bit and try out the new exercise bike we picked up before my last chemo. J assembled it yesterday and we found a home for it in our newly floored living room and I am most excited and giggly about it. Last week at Canadian Tire the high end Livestrong spin bikes with hrm that are usually around $1900 were on for 65% off, which my job's incredible health and wellness plan should reimburse me for the rest of in a few weeks so I have an awesome tool to keep me healthy. I could not be m…

Goo goo gachooo

I am the eggman.
Last night after having my port installed in my arm (owie) for my chemo IV treatments J and I ran a few errands and then I popped by the place where we get our hair cut and told them to shave my head (they didn't even charge me - so nice of them).  I was tired of it coming out slowly and shedding all over everything and wanted to have it done by someone so I wouldn't have to clean up the mess!
So I am now bald...and it actually looks kind of badass :)  Luckily I look OK with no head is nice and roundy and smooth. There was an old lady getting a perm beside me in the salon and she kept glancing over looking at me wondering what on earth I was was funny. I noticed in the mall too how it's odd how kids and happy people are honest in their looking at your head and smiling and then just moving on and looking away while the odd person is genuinely uncomfortable by the fact that you have no hair and keeps looking back over and over while tryi…

We have normality

Well, my Dad headed back home yesterday morning. It was so nice to see him, but it's nice to have our house back to just us. J and I spent the day cleaning the fine layer of sawdust on everything and returning the remaining furniture back to a "normal" state on the main floor. Our house is now a home again, only uberfied, clean and slightly more echoey.
I love it.
The new floor is amazing...
We spent the rest of the day organizing and cleaning. Having this work done has been a real kick in the butt to organize things a bit and really sort through things as we put things back and reorganize other areas in the house. Since I'm feeling pretty good right now I can help J (who is the organized one of the pair of us...I more of the make a bunch of hidden piles sort of gal). It's starting to come together and I must say it's going to be so nice to be home in a clean, allergen reduced house when I have my next chemo treatment on friday. Instead of looking around at a…


Last night we took Dad out for chinese food to say thanks for all his hard work and I had a lot of yummy jasmine tea with my meal...and then couldn't sleep until 1 AM! I forget that I'm caffeine free now and really feel a difference when I have even a bit of it. I was all pumped up and couldn't sleep eat the end of a long day so I'm a bit tired today as a result. I didn't get to the tile grouting last night...we just relaxed and visited. We did still get our kitchen all back together like it should be though.
Dad should finish the floor today and we'll be going to Rona for the last of the finishing stuff tonight - baseboards and the like. Dad's also offered to replace our really leaky bathroom faucet. What a guy...It's been so good to see him this week and so amazing to have my home transformed like it has been. It's really remarkable how nice the laminate looks!
Next week I'm going to get up early and go in to work out again when I can. I can t…

So far so good

I needed a bit of colour around here. Spruced up the place a bit. I like. :)

I am happy to say that I did not nap yesterday! Wohoo!
It was a long tiring day, but it was nice to be at work and feel useful.
I got home on a sunny snowfilled day to find my Dad 1/3 done the house looks amazing...I cannot thank my Dad enough for what he has done. I will post some pics when it's completed. It's like a new uberhouse...a bit more echoey...and a LOT more my styley. Also had a good visit last night from my bestie. A long but good day. :)

Today I tried a cup of decaf for the first time since chemo. I've been putting it off because I do love me my coffee and I was so worried it would taste wrong...but I am glad to say the metallic taste that lingers in my mouth from chemo doesn't mess with the golden goodness of java. Thank frog. I am also happy to report that although most chocolate now tastes like putrified earwax, white chocolate is somehow still OK, although ginge…

I'm back baby

Today I am trying my hand at being back at work. I am still tired a lot, but have more energy than previously so I figured since I was actually feeling like working I'd give it a go.
J and I are going to pick out an exercise bike on the weekend so I can get back to workouts. Other than some walks and helping my Dad a bit as he does some renos to our house I have been taking it easy. Dad offered to replace our 30 year old carpet with some laminate and put some lino in our kitchen so that my immune system and allergies will be better during treatments. Poor guy...Dont' think he realised what he was getting into. The lino and tile by the front door are done and look amazing and the next few days he's going to putter away at the flooring. I am so grateful to have a handy dad who can help use with this stuff. It is so much cheaper when you're just buying materials...and watching him I've learned how to install tiles and lay lino down which is a cool thing.

I am determin…


Good morning. I'm feeling pretty good today. Not queasy at all...just very tired. Definitely a good thing.

This is what I had for breakfast...and man. SO good.
I threw in some kale too and a tsp of honey too. I love beets...and this is definitely a healthy awesome smoothie of a breakfast for me. And makes a LOT. And I loved it. I've slugged it down over the morning and enjoyed every bit. My taste buds are starting to go all odd with the chemo so I am hunting down super healthy things I still love the taste of that I can an make even when I feel lousy and this is definitely a breakfast of champions for me. Soups I get bored of, but smoothies are an endless possibility of combinations...
Sure it's pink (I hate pink...and oh, I could rant for hours about the irony of having the "pink" cancer...) but try it. :)
Today I plan to visit a bit with my sister in law when she stops in and try again at knitting myself a hat. The last hat I knit fit my 5 year old niec…

Well I didn't see that coming - a new journey is afoot

Hello there you fine peoples.
I've been away much lately. Sorry. But really...I've had my reasons. I figured now that I've had some time to roll them about in my head and come to terms with them I'll lay them out here too...I have come to a new point in my life where my focus is still on my health and well being but for a radical new (slightly scary) reason. Grab a suitably fluffy cute animal and a drink and settle in and I'll tell you all about it...

You may have noticed that the last few months I've been getting many medical tests done. Why? Well - beginning of september J and I found a lump in my breast. Having done my MSc on breast cancer research I knew the thing to do was to get it tested but wasn't too concerned, since my mum and sis both had "normal" lumpy breasts so I figured I was joining the normal lumpy crew of many women out there who have fibrous breasts with nothing to worry about health wise. But I know Rule #1 - if you find a lump…