One out of three isn't too bad

Whew! It was a long weekend here, and I still managed to get a little relaxing in. I worked all saturday on my MSc, but on sunday J and I spent some the day doing errands and chores after a fantastic lazy breakfast. Most importantly taking everything out of our screened in sun porch, hosing it all down and washing and mopping out the deck. All is clean and back in to complete the set-up - our deck is now summer ready for another year. I cannot even say how happy I am about that. We live out on our deck in the, eat, even nap there. We can be out in the rain and there are no's heaven. I'm so glad we had a nice day to haul everything out to wash and sun dry everything. We even got out into the bright shiny world to see some funk on sunday night - Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings :) She was like a female James Brown...I loved it. It was nice to have a pint and relax and dance.
Unfortunately I spent most of monday working on my MSc data, but at least I got a lot done. The fact that the weather was miserable helped - it wasn't like I could have done a lot else really. I admit I had a bit of a moody fit before I settled in to work, but I'm chalking it up to hormones...mixing PMS and stress is never good. I kept it together in the end and didn't eat my way out of it, and managed to have a productive day in spite of far, so good.

This morning I was up and in the gym again. I did my routine with step ups, arm and back work, one legged deadlifts and squats and 30 sweaty minutes of HIIT biking. I feel really good. A healthy breakfast and good packed lunch and I'm here, ready to go again. I'm starting to get excited about my trip to Vancouver in 2 weeks. I just have to get all my data together by then!! Eep...

Hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and it didn't rain on you too much.

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azusmom said...

I love productive weekends! We have a long weekend coming up. It's a federal holiday, so Hubby will be home (yay!), and the pool will be officially open!!!!

Glad your stress is lessening. Always nice when that happens! I don't know about you, but I often don't realize how stressed I am until it passes.