New Hotness

It's my birthday.

My back is still sore but is healing up nicely - my tattoo is nothing less than phenomenal and I am very happy with it. I am obsessing over it as one does with new things, and constantly worrying if I am caring for it well, but I am sure it will heal up fine. It's moving from the owie stage into the dear god why is it so itchy stage.
old and busted...

You would never know I had a thick 7 inch scar across my back. Now it's a work of art. The carnation is for my mum. The DNA dragonfly is a meshing of science and spirituality -legends say dragonflies carry your wishes to heaven; DNA is the language of the living universe. The triskelion represents symmetry...the change through life and a bringing together of  things - body, mind and soul...past, present and future. The gears and leaves are my body and spirit growing and ghost in my machine.

new hotness
I am absolutely deliriously happy with it all. Jen Lee at Red Tide has specialized training to tattoo over scars and works a lot with cancer patients to help them change their body back into what they chose after treatment. I am so glad to have worked with her on this. It was worth every penny and every minute of the 4.5 hours it took to do. She took all my random ideas and made this for me.

Today I've made pulled pork in the slow cooker so I can get home to a lazy meal and then relax. Maybe see a movie...maybe just chill. Don't care.
It's my birthday. I'm here. I'm home. Things are OK.
I'll take it for now :)