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2 days left!

Last spin and sculpt before christmas.
Last full day of work before the holiday season.
Tomorrow is just a half day. Then Kline Yule with ebelskievers.

Must be good today. Much to do...
Gotta run!


last boot camp

Today was boot camp again - last of the year. Crazy tabatas of squats and But, as you can tell, I survived. It helps that there is a VERY pregnant lady in my class...whenever I wanted to stop I'd see her working are and think "I can't let a pregnant lady beat me!" :)Today is a day of tying up loose ends at work...slowly it's coming together so I can leave without guilt for a whole 10 days. Ah! Starting to count down the days.... Everyone is saying their holiday goodbyes and heading home one by one. I have 2 days left, but we get the whole week off next week as campus shuts down. It's definitely one perk of working in academia. I'm glad I'm not travelling anywhere this year...just going to be here with family. All my gift running about is done, and now it's just party prep and last minute cupcake time. I have made my costume up for the party on the 26th. I'm getting excited :)


Thankfully the CD player is still out for repair at the gym so we were spared the christmas tunes this morning in spin and sculpt. It was a good workout but I wasn't in the mood for Boney M at 6:30 am.It's unseasonably warm this year...really weird - basically no snow at all and hovering around 0. It's nice, but sure not feeling a lot like christmas without the white stuff...By now there's usually a few feet of the whiteness and stupid cold weather. Only 4 days left until a few days off and our space party. I'm hoping to watch Nightmare Before Christmas and It's a Wonderful Life at some point as well... I'm really just looking forward to a few days off with J. His boss is a being a fantastic arse at the moment, and a few days of relaxing will do us all some good I think. Just have to be good for 4 more days...there aren't a lot of people around to inventory this week so it's a bit slow...a few days of just us will be wonderful. For now, I have a big po…

Soon :)

Mmmm...this weekend involved a lot of robots and wine and cheese. Yum. More decor prep for the party...then it was my husband's family christmas dinner with gramma cabbage rolls...and then my new boss had us all over for wine and munchables on sunday...oh the cheese! I was worried it would be weird and snobby but it was a lot of fun...and the appetizers were yummy. :) I'm getting all festive...I didn't go overboard too much (I'm really getting the hang of this "just have a little" business), but it felt very good to get up this AM after a few good night's sleep and have a solid workout. My workout A with abfest and 28 minutes on the stair climber-felt GREAT. :) Cottage cheese and raspberries as a reward...yum...
Now - to dive into the final week of work before a nice break. My office shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Year's and I'm means an extra week off :) I'll probably do some home workouts, but I have plans to spen…


He hee :)

(been reading a lot of PhD and Sheldon comics lately...)

bah humbug

I didn't know what to do today so I popped in to spin class, which ended up being spin and sculpt...sort of. The CD player and iPod thing is in for repair, so class was on a CD from a past spin class on a little portable CD player that skipped a lot...and then 15 minutes of ab work after. Not ideal, but I pushed myself. Better than a boot to the head...Lots to do's hoping this weekend will go well. There is lots to do.
This time off to relax and write my thesis is not very relaxing. I'm hoping it will wind down in a bit. Thankfully christmas shopping is essentially done. I'm waiting for the holidays to get here...1 more week!
Today was spin and sculpt, again with the christmas tunes. My but is still sore from lunges and kicks in tabata drills in boot camp...owie. I'm trying to create a calorie deficit for holidays so I can have a nice nibbley christmas. I'm trying to be good, but it's a tricky thing. More free time means more time for me to bake :)
I can't wait for the holidays. I'm having a hard time getting bad to school after taking a week off, but I need to pick away at it. Soon...soon I will be done. And it can't come soon enough :)
Gotta's a busy day!

Jump up-jump around!

Oops! Missed yesterday. It was spin and sculpt christmas music. It was really strange. I can honestly say I've never done triceps extensions to Boney M before :) Our instructor is doing the remaining 3 classes to christmas tunes's fun to have a little change. Don't know if I'd want it every day but it'll do :).
It's been the week of weird workout music this week. Today the CD player/iPod jack was not working for boot camp so she used the "emergency backup cassette" - entitled 1993 Aquasize Dance Mix. Oh yeah! It was as good as it sounds. We were cranking out the sweat to the likes of C&C music factory, the KLF and Ton Loc. I kept breaking out in giggles every time a new tune came on. I'm sad to say I knew them all..It was high school flashback time :) Made for lots of fun for me...not sure what everyone else thought of it but it made my morning.
I managed to watch White Christmas last night...I had plans to do some work, but …

I've got a living room full of robots

Hello :)Things are going better. Not totally back to normal, but they are good. It's nice to feel normal again. I got my hair cut over the weekend, all trimmed up with layers and I'm not entirely sure I like it, but it's finally styled and not shaggy. I bought a box of dye and now my ridiculously grown out highlights are all back to a nice warm brown. Looking human makes you feel a bit more human. Saturday night I got to spend most of the day with my BF Heather catching up on life, eating pie and drinking wine and laughing. It was *so* good to see's been way too long. Sunday I made some eggnog pancakes and then we spent most of the day putting together robots and decor for our party coming up in a few weeks and then the crew went out for chinese food. It's so...good to be out doing things I enjoy with people again. Being me...not the me chained to the lab and's just so good to laugh and have fun doing things I enjoy. It really has been too …

friday finally

Came in to workout this AM, very tired but in a bit better headspace. Things are not great by any means...but they are actually going somewhere. It's a start. I'll take it.I was going to workout but didn't have any oomph to push myself so I joined the spin class and really pushed myself, and then did my abfest after. Quick shower and I'm off....full day. Must get to it...

Safety first

Last night I got some christmas shopping done - got me out of the house and occupied and whittles down the holiday list considerably. I managed to be frugal and still get something cool for all 3 of our nieces...but I didn't see J at all yesterday. That. Sucks. He got home late, after I had called it a night...This morning at 7 AM I had on site safety training so I can go onto the construction site of the new lab building, so there was no workout today. I might do something after work - we'll see. Now I can put on a hardhat and boots and see the new labspace...which will be cool. But, at the moment I just want to make peace in my home. I finally have some free time...and it's not what I had planned.


Last night sucked.Had a miserable evening and ended up going to get groceries by myself, and then unloaded them alone and put them all away. Earlier I had went to eat something and it was too hot and I instinctively swallowed the boiling hot food and it burned all the way down...and then I couldn't eat anymore because it hurt. So I in the end, necessary duties done, I gave up and went to bed. This AM I got up and came in for bootcamp and had my ass handed to me on a plate. It was hard core. I used the time to get my frustrations with life and J and everything out and it felt good. We did lots of tabata intervals this morning involving the Bosu ball...I need to work on my balance more. I've never used one before and after lunges and weights and pushups and all sorts of fun things done really fast on the it I see why it's a good fitness forces you to use your core and builds balance. Now I'm in to work for the day and I seem to be able to swallow food …

it's the little things

In for spin and sculpt this morning. Chia overnight oats and I'm good to go.
I feel moronic this appears that I royally screwed up our taxes and claimed things for school I couldn't and we owe lots of $$. I let J down - he asked me to make sure I did it right...I thought I did, but I obviously didn't. I missed something that seems really obvious now, but at the time I was sure I had read it all right. I didn't call the government tax people to check on it tho - should have. Would have avoided all of this. It's not he money (although that hurts us too)'s that I made J feel like his concerns aren't important to me.
Just feeling very dumb today. Knowing you disappointed your best friend makes you feel really really small. The devil really is in the details.

Ho ho ho

AH. I had a nice weekend off. Spent time with friends building robots of decor for a space themed party we're throwing over the holidays and baking an obscene amount of cookies to send to my sister (and my stomach..heh heh). New favourites include mexican wedding cookies (shortbread with vanilla beans and toasted walnuts....mmmm). I had the first eggnog pancakes of the season and got to put up my Christmas tree. It's the first year since mom died that I really felt like putting up the big's something she and I would do together often and it just didn't seem right the last few years. Last night I put it up looks great. It's nana's old white tree with lots of silver and blue lights. I love it. It officially feels like christmas now. :) Dad had to get to the airport by 5 this morning, so I was up to see him off and then came in to the gym to workout A + abfest and some stair climber action. I have a cold I finally admit now, but I'm not r…

the longest week

I didn't feel like doing anything this morning, but I made myself get up and come in to work out. My head is rather stuffed up, but nothing too serious. I guess I'm more worn out than I thought. I wandered into the spin class and had a good workout. Did that and my abfest and it's done.Now it is just a matter of staying awake and I can head home to bake cookies and holidaying up the weekend a bit. And naps. Yes...I almost don't know what to *do* not that I have permission to write. :)


YES!!Permission to write granted.
Ah.... *smug mode* :)

THE day has come

This morning I was in for spin and sculpt. New workout for december, so that was a nice change up. My arms and butt were still sore from yesterday, but t felt good to work my stress out. This morning is my permission to write meeting for my MSc...and I'm nervous. I must dash. Much to do...If you hear a wahoo in the distance about 11 AM it's me celebrating getting permission to write :) Cross your fingers for me!