New protein flavour - Oh my :)

Yesterday it was all I could do to keep my eyes open. I haven't been so exhausted in ages. I kept falling asleep and couldn't pay attention to much. I didn't get much done on my MSc because I just couldn't focus on anything but how comfy the cats looked napping and how much I love my new pillow (I really do).

Today? I feel great :)
A solid night's sleep and I'm back in the game. I had a great workout this morning- did all my arm and back work, abfest, one legged deadlifts and step ups and and squats, but kept the weights lighter for the knee stressing things and I feel really good. Add in some biking for cardio and I'm good for the day. I still feel a bit thick around the middle but I'm thinking it's in my head. I weigh the same and my clothes fit the's funny how some days we just "feel" bloated...but honestly. I'm fine.

I bought some new protein powder on the weekend to replace my dangerously low stash of Iso Sensation 93 Cookies and Cream powder which I love. This time, on the recommendation of the Popeye's supplement guy I tried something new - Cafe Brazil flavoured Iso Sensation 93 protein.
Oh. My.
This is seriously the best tasting protein I've ever had.
No really.
As in I would drink this stuff for a regular drink given the choice over lots of other drinks.
It tastes like an iced cappuccino.
30g of purified whey protein in only 130 calories. Delicious. Dissolves completely. I've been taking protein shakes after a workout with a banana for carbs to help me repair my body after my workouts and this is the best protein powder I've found so far. It's better than their cookies and cream powder (which was my fave up until this point). It's a bit more than the generic soy or whey stuff in regular stores, but the extra few $$ is worth it for delicious healthy protein supplements like this. Completely dissolving great tasting drinks that last me about 1 1/2 months. These are my reward to myself for working out. I would heartily recommend it. Hell if I had free samples I'd give you's that delicious.

Anyways - off my soapbox.
Must be off to the lab for some science :)


azusmom said...

You know you need a break when you have pet envy, lol! When I was in grad school I was so jealous of our dog, who got to lay around on the couch all day. I wanted to switch places, but I figured they'd probably notice if I sent him to my classes in my stead.
So glad you're feeling better and rockin' the workouts!

Yum Yucky said...

How timely. I've been exploring protein powders since last week. ka-BOOM! Taking notes now. Gracias.

Leslie Goldman said...

what's up with a one-legged deadlift? Do i just do it like a two-legged deadlift, but bend one leg at the knee? I never understand why people say deadlifts are so good for the butt - I never even feel it in mine. Maybe I need this added challende? Thanks!

Scrumpy said...

I hate those feeling fat days. But it sounds like you aren't letting it hold you back.

I'm trying to get into hemp protein powder with the vegan thing. It works if I add some almond milk, but I am missing my vanilla whey.