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just walk away

There was a spin and sculpt this morning. I made it, even after a late night of visiting with friends over wine and snacks and giving Carmen her gifts. I needed it. All of it. Yesterday was long and tedious with many whiny frustrating people, culminating with me missing my bus due to an annoying student (really was being annoying...trying to get me to do his work for him and then asking me if he could take some university stuff home that wasn't his...). I confess upon realizing my bus was pulling away I ranted "and now I missed my bus. Great" and just stopped talking to him and turned and walked away. I did not look back or finish my conversation but walked angrily over to the bus stop away from him. Not proud...but had I stayed I would have blasted him with a whole day of frustration, which he did not deserve. Will have to find him today and apologize...although part of me doesn't want to. There are times I wish people I help could just get their sh*t together and n…

Catching up

Oops. I skipped yesterday. Sorry. I did work out - evil sculpt class of doom. Still stiff in the arms and butt so I know it was a good one. Today was spin class. Another good one. I met an old friend after work for supper (mmm...steak and bake potato) and we hung out and caught up on life and went to the bookstore. We made schemes for a girly games night in a few weeks with late night Tomb Raider, coffee and the next afternoon at the local Comiccon. Giggedy. Plus, I finally picked up a copy of World War Z which I read 1/3 of on the way back from Utah after we listened to the 6 hour podcast in the car and was intrigued. If ya like spooky apocalyptic sort of stories in little chunks, with personal accounts of things, then pick it up. I'm loving it - should make a good bus book. Like a bunch of short stories...only really morbid...hmmm...I'm not selling it am I?
Just trust me - if you're at all into that sort of spooky scifi stuff (like say the Walking Dead) you may find it i…

errands a'plenty

Last night I really got things done. Chores. Errands. Even winged it and made up some muffins in my head which turned out to be pretty good (pumpkin bran -if you're curious for the recipe it's on my food blog). I have realized there is much to do around the house and in the yard and so I'm starting my detailed schemes...tonight, since J works I'm attacking the house some more and hope to plan out the yard and get some cost quotes and measurements so I can really start at revamping the front yard now that I have the time and a bit of $$ set aside to do so if we do a lot of the grunt work ourselves. Once I have concrete schemes I'll post a bit so you can watch me tame the jungle.

This AM I came in for spin class with Jocelyn. I love her as an instructor and wish she taught mornings more than just as a sub - sweet and kind but she makes you work hard without really noticing. I added a few ab things after and after some pumpkin chia overnight oats I'm in at work re…

cha cha changes

This weekend was busy, but in a good way. I worked 8 hours at the salvation army charity store to start to work off my stupid traffic ticket (2 shifts left) and got a bit of yard work done and saw the new Star Trek movie. Even fit a BBQ in there. I had a lot of energy since J was out doing lights for a band friday night...I had plans to stop by but ended up napping with cats all night, which I think was the best thing for me, since I felt great all weekend :)

This morning I came in for spin and sculpt class and I could tell it's been a while. Reps were harder and I couldn't quite keep up the pace I did before, but I worked hard. I will be pushing myself this week and all of June to see how I can get back to pre-holiday I can be beach ready and take another holiday :)

We also were talking over the weekend and J and I are going to not only scheme to revamp our front yard (raised garden beds for fresh veggies next year!!!), but we also want to revamp our eating a bit.…

ZWOW ow ow

Crawled out of bed for ZWOW 68 this AM. 3 Rounds through. Oh my lazy butt and creaky legs! I can tell I've been away from cardio and muscle training for a while! Whew! I did a bodyrock HIIT yesterday and want to ease in this week and dial it up for full on Beast mode until July.

Hitting life at a run with so much to catch up on at home and at work... But somehow spring has come here at home finally and I can pick away at the yard to get all the fall leaves away that we missed form the early snow. Already have the deck cleared off and ready for summer BBQs. It will come. Hooray!

Hope you're all doing well.
I am gooooood! :)

Leaping Lizards!

I will say this...USA is different than Canada. Beer in the gas station, ridiculous roadside snacks...well, maybe that's it's just Montana and Idaho :) The whole trip down and back was a road trip adventure, complete even with a stay in a tiny Swiss motel that had a working rotating clock with a milkmaid, goatherd and smiling goat spinning around the tower random stop ever. And the World Potato Museum...(muahaha!) *and* add to that a gorgeous part of the world that I now have melted onto my soul - Canyonlands near Moab, Utah. It is breathtaking there. We had 5 days there, with 4 full day hikes through salt flats, mountains and green rain washes.
 Snakes! Lizards! Even a (*gibber*) black trail hikes all over up and over and around the white and red rock. We scampered up the rock ledges to see early puebloan ruins and petroglyphs and scrambled through and over rocks in sunny 25 C. We even had a half day riverboat ride down (and swam in) the Colorado riv…

pants pants pants

So stiff. Lordy.
This AM was a good spin and sculpt class with Mel. Still feel like I need a good soak in a hot tub, but I'll adjust soon hopefully. I hobbled about last night like a granny much to the amusement of J.
Last night we went out to drop of the tent to get the zipper fixed and pick up some good hiking kit. I now have a pair of shorts and pants (sale rack!) and a bandanna scarf and J has a few super light weight shirts and a few pairs of zip off pants. Most importantly, some good hiking socks.
And (surprise) I  have a little rant - why are there hardly no zip off pants for women? In the hiking camping store guys have all these awesome shorts and pants and zip off pants with lots of pockets and light weight fabric shirts of every description. Women? Nada. Overpriced shorts and crop pants for the most part and absolutely no zipoffs. Lots of styley overpriced workout tops, running jackets and skirts and sundresses (because lets face it ladies nothing makes me want to hike i…

RIght here right now

Oh. Oh, how I creak.
Hold me.
OK. Actually it's not completely evil, but I sure do know I worked hard yesterday. I am, to put it bluntly, what Charlotte at the Great Fitness Experiment calls "toilet sore"... creaky to sit down slowly. After spin class this morning with yelley Mel where I pushed myself to have sweat trickling down my neck and completely used up my legs by the end? Well...I'm glad to be sitting to have breakfast and start my day!
Ah I'll survive. I have an important meeting today and lots to do so I just wanted to pop in and say hi and log my awesome endorphin filled spin class.
Had this song in my head all morning. A great happy favourite song from my graduation year... I still feel this way most days.
It feels good to be alive :)

Hi. Enjoy.
Have a great day!!

looks can be deceiving

New sculpt instructor subbing in today in a small class now that the spring term is done. Mitra is a tiny danish girl with blond hair, lots of energy and a big smile. She didn't look very strong though so I figured it might be a wimpy workout and I was a bit dissappointed as I was in the mood to work out hard today.
Oh. my. god.
She killed us!
Amongst our many moves were curtsy lunges (with pulses!), reverse lunges, back rows, shoulder presses, deltoid work,  chest flies, planks and other abwork and even inchworm walk outs to pushups. Oy. I sweated and shook and worked my ass off. Yup...solid workout.  She was strong! Functional strength too... which I dig. I have no doubt my poor holiday butt will be stiff tomorrow. I hope she's a regular replacement for our previous no show sculpt girl from the spring term.
Tonight I get to go hang with my brother for supper and visit his very first Japanese student who has come for a visit. She come back to Canada to go to university in Win…