Half done the week

This morning was really nice - it's warmed up significantly overnight. It was nice to wait for the bus and not freeze. Winters here seem to last forever, but I don't mind them so much as long as it's not stupidly cold. :)
This morning I did my lower body weights and ab work but no lunges. I'm giving my knee this week off from lunges just to be sure it's happy. Then 30 minutes on the exercise bike. It felt really good to sweat this morning. Makes you feel alive doesn't it?
I feel a lot more sane today. Part of it is a good night's sleep. Part of it is getting caught up on some chores and unpacking some of the stuff I brought back from my Dad's house. Now *my* house looks less cluttered. I also finally finished doing the tack-ties on the quilt I recovered over the holidays so it will stay in place inside the new cover...no more worrying about being poked by pins :)
I must go and get some work done. I've got healthy meals packed and I'm looking forward to my breakfast of peaches and cottage cheese. Love that....
Have a great day everyone!

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