over the hump

Well this morning I was up and out the door to do my upper body work and then some time on the exercise bike. Today felt good...I bumped up to the 12.5 Lb dumbbells which look all manly and less shiny because someone else had the 12s and it was fine. I felt extra strong with the new dumbbells. Cheesy I know, but hey - I'll take it. My abs are a bit sore from my abfest yesterday and I am tired, but that is the way it goes lately.

Last night I was pretty proud of myself. I had a long day of work, then a few hours of cell culture for my MSc project and then a stop in the library for some books I have to read this weekend (goody) for my class. J came and got me and when I finally got home I was determined to make a healthy meal even tho I was tired and ravenous. We ended up with something fast but still really healthy: "Gramma salad" (cabbage apple nut salad) with some homemade lean ground pork burgers. I had no bun, just some salsa and cheese - I am finding I like them sans bun lately as the taste of the meat doesn't get lost in with all the other stuff. I put a bit of bran and some curry in the burgers as I made them and they were really yummy. It was really tasty and healthy. It gave me fuel to read a few more hours before I fell into bed.
Today is another long day, but I think I'm ready. I have some quinoa/veg salad and a leftover burger patty from last night for lunch so I'm good. The pantry is a bit bare so I'm trying to get creative to stay healthy until grocery day on tuesday. I had some fibre one mixed with granola and some almond milk along with my post workout shake and banana this morning and I feel pretty good. It's no cottage cheese, but I can't be queen every day :) The challenge for me when I get busy is not to give in and pick the simple processed premade foods full of chemicals and salts and fats to save time. I'm determined to treat my body with as much respect and care as I treat everything else - most of the time I can keep with it. I'm really glad about that.

Here's hoping today is a great day :)

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Sagan said...

It always surprises me how upping the dumbbells just by 0.5 lbs can really make such a huge difference!

Your burgers and salad sound delish. Mmmmm. And WOW look at that day of abs you did! Nice work.