2011 challenge

Over at Fat Girl Wearing Thin, she has a challenge for this coming year.
To love yourself -"The Hate-Loss Challenge".
Here's the low-down from her site:

"Rules: There is only one rule: At least once a day you must attempt to use one or more of these words in your vocabulary about yourself – and mean it: strong, courageous, beautiful/handsome, better, unique, remarkable, confident, conditioned, fascinating, pleasing. I encourage you to say the words out loud. Listen to how they sound as they are defining you!
Extra credit: mind-blowing, wicked-hot, awe-inspiring, sexy, sensational.

Off Limits: Words you can not use: failure, undeserving, incompetent, lazy, no-good, fat, unattractive, sloppy, defeated, unworthy.

It’s OK to be angry. It’s OK to have off-days; just don’t let those feelings consume you. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and never, ever let your weight define you."

I believe in this. I found for me the clincher in making a positive real and permanent change was to love myself. To encourage myself. To take the hate and transmute it into confidence. Strength.
I completely believe that this is the key to becoming who you are meant to be. And the beauty of it is it naturally feeds out of you to others. It spreads! I'm pumped that this challenge is out there. As Homestar would say: I'm all up ins :)

Yup. It's official.
It's going to be a great year :)

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fatgirlwearingthin said...

I can't tell you how excited I am that you found my blog and decided to join in this challenge (and it IS a challenge...yikes!) Not only am I meeting up with like-minded and very cool people, I completely believe that we can draw strength from one another. Hopefully will see you back on Thursday for Group Therapy Day :)