Getting in touch with my muscley side

This morning my knee was still really stiff (??) so I just came in to work and did my upper body and back stuff. I did about 9 minutes of rowing for a bit of cardio at the end until I had no more oomph, but I just focused on form and trying a few more new things to prep for starting Rachel Cosgrove's book. I left my knee alone. Since I had more time than normal with the cardio bit gone I tried a few other alternate row/pull moves (not sure of their names) and doing all my arm work with 12 lb weights (first time! Yay!) I am also pumped because I did bench presses with a real weight bar on a bench. Me hee. Sure it was a bar with no weights on it and it was all I could do to do 2 reps of 10 but I did it. :) arms ar jiggly like jello now. They've been put thru the paces today!

Today is another busy day. I'm wearing some more of my new clothes and I feel great. Jeans that fit. A shirt that is tailored and fitted. It's amazing how a little thing like clothing that fits can make you feel great. I don't feel awkward anymore...just like me. Whatever that is :)

Have a great day :)


Sagan said...

*squee* Yay!

Good idea to leave the knees alone for the time being - my knees get sore easily from doing lunges etc so I try to be kind to them, too.

Jody - Fit at 53 said...

I need What Not to Wear! ;-) Be careful of that knee!