Intuitively Uberfrau

OK - I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. Pondering. Worrying. Laughing. Stressing....and in the end it needs to stop. And so, I think that my focus for this next month is to eat intuitively.

I feel like I've been thinking about food too much. It's weirding me out. This maintenance thing is tricky...I know me and how I can get, and I feel I need to relax and stop focusing on it so much. The scientist in me wants it to be all precise and measured and calculated....and you can't do that to life. I need to step away from the numbers. Eat well. Sleep. Build muscle. Work on my nutritious and focus on being uberfrau. No guilt. No punishments or rewards based on food.

It's tricky, as I'm mid PMS at the moment and feel as tho I could rip my arm off, dip it in tartar sauce and have a nice pre-supper snack, but I will persevere to sanity and beyond. :)

Here's to me :)

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Charlotte said...

Wooohhooo! You can do this Uberfrau:) You'll love it!