Sugar attack

I forgot my protein shake this morning (and my phone...sigh) so I grabbed a protein bar when I bought a coffee on my way to work. I just picked the one with the most protein in it and least sugar...which you'd think would be easy. And so I have a beef. A BIG one. All the protein bars there -They're all chocolate or caramel with nuts and extra chocolate dipped in chocolate. With more chocolate.
I don't mind a bit of dark chocolate, but this bar made my teeth ache. I know I needed the protein but after eating the bar, I feel like it was WAY too much sugar. I don't like sweets mych to begin with. Especially before my actual breakfast of cottage cheese and fruit (delicious BTW)...blech. Not what I wanted. I fail to get this - How are sugar filled bars supposed to be healthy? Is it to make you feel less guilty when you have a chocolate bar? Is it to entice you in to try something healthier...ish? I don't get the whole chocolate dipped phenomena. It's not healthy food. It's a candy bar. Meal replacements should not have to be dipped in chocolate to taste's junk wrapped up in a monkey suit paraded in front of us. It's hard enough to be healthy as it is without the world screwing with us.
OK rant over.
Needless to say I'm not having another one. :)

I did get up and do my lower body and abs and 29 minutes on the exercise bike this morning.
It felt good to work out. I even got in a few lunges and my knee still feels OK.
Now - work time :)


Camevil said...

Man, I couldn't agree more! I also do the protein shakes in the morning. One time, I was out and grabbed a chocolate protein bar from the convenience store. Not only was it sickeningly sweet, it didn't even taste right. I spit the second bite out of my mouth and threw it all away. A waste of a buck fifty. But, lesson learned.

Next time, I'm going for the cottage cheese.

azusmom said...

It reminds of the way food is marketing toward kids: apparently people under the age of 12 will not eat anything that isn't day-glo pink, purple, orange, or green.
Actually, I keep my kids AWAY from that stuff. It's worked pretty well so far.
So many of those protein bars are glorified candy bars. Blech!