snack attack

Well we were away all weekend and got back late, so I'm working out after work today instead of before, to get in a bit more sleep this morning. I still have healthy food and a post-workout protein shake. All is well.

I relearned an evil trigger food for me over the weekend. We went to a potluck on saturday night and I'd brought along some cookies and muffins along with us for it and I must have eaten 7 or 8 cookies on the trip up there. Thing is - normally I don't have an issue with sweet stuff. As I slowly inhaled cookies over the trip remembered just why I didn't make these particular cookies anymore -because I liked them so much. Too much. My mum had the best chocolate chip cookie recipe ever (no don't even. They are the best. The end.). I make them for potlucks and such...a guaranteed winner. Being trapped in a car with them was too much. I was reminded this weekend that despite my best efforts, I cannot eat "just one" of some things like this that will set me off. "Oh, just one" turns in to many. I wish I could say I'd gotten over all that. But it never really goes away entirely...

I cannot let that happen very often. Maintaining weight loss does not allow for 10 odd cookies daily :) So, I'm chalking it up to a learning experience and will stay away from unhealthy stuff for a while. No trigger foods in the house. Sometimes I'm terrified that this is how it will be again. That I'll just eat my way back to how I was. I don't know if you get over that entirely.

Do you?

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