Shake your rumpah!

This morning was nice. We stocked up on groceries last night so I have a huge collection of healthy goodness to choose from for lunches. I also have a new chocolate protein powder shake to try out for the month. Thought I'd change it up from the vanilla. It's pretty tasty. I admit I really like the post-workout shake and a banana as an after-workout thing. Yummy.

Today I did my upper body - arms and back and abs and then 30 minutes biking fast. I feel really good. When I got in this morning there was a guy in the weight area posing and preening about and dressed like a rap star so I giggled and put on some suitable tunes -Beastie Boys, plopped myself on the nearby weight bench, grabbed some 12Lb dumbbells and proceeded to pump iron right along with him, much to his amusement. And I had a great workout :)
Now, I feel great. I've got some of my new clothes on that fit, so I feel rather sharp - some skinny fit jeans I picked up in Toronto and a new long brown cowl necked sweater with no sleeves. Quite funky. I was a bit leery about wearing skinny jeans to work as they're not really professional, but leggings (which are what this sweater are made to go with) definitely aren't - you get a weird waistband showing through if you wear normal belted jeans or pants with it. It's silly and girly I know but I just really wanted to wear the sweater. I normally wear slobby clothes and jeans, so this is kinda the same. Ish. I don't look like a slob or a tart, so I think they're happy - I actually look like I'm going out with friends for a beer. No one's given me the "you can't wear that here" look so I figure I'm OK. I know I'm looking way better than normal, so I don't think people will mind. I'm just happy I can *wear* skinny jeans and clothes that fit, so I don't mind them with a long sweater that covers my butt...
Thankfully working in a lab has it's perks. a lot of us lab rats have difficulty with basic personal hygiene and matching clothing so I'm definitely doing OK! :)

Today will be another day of fitting into the groove of the semester. It's so different, yet again. Figuring out my new schedule and trying it out will take a week or so I think. Thankfully workouts are in the early AM so they fit right in...

Have a great day everybody. I'm off to rock the lab.
Music to pump iron and giggle to: Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique and Beck - Guerolito


azusmom said...

A new semester! A fresh start!
We're starting our drama class again today, after the kids had 3 weeks off. We have a bit more time this semester (in the fall we had 10 weeks, now we have 17) so we're doing an original musical. It's not written yet, so I have no idea what it will be, but it should be fun.

Here's to new beginnings (and chocolate protein shakes...yum!)

Charlotte said...

Your sweater sounds adorable! And I bet it looked so cute with your skinny jeans! Enjoy the new semester!