Day of rest

This morning my knee was still a bit stiff and it clicked when I got up, so seeing as it is leg day I just curled up under my lovely duvet and napped instead of working out. I was getting pretty run down, and I know my knee needed a bit more love, so I figured I'd let off for the day. Tomorrow is arm day so I can hop back in. My shoulders are still a bit stiff from Tuesday's upper body muscle fest too so I know I'm working hard. Normally I'd go for a swim as that seems to work the knee kinks out but they still haven't finished repairing the pool yet. They have (of course) run into issues, so it'll be a while yet before the pool will be open. It's too bad - swimming is my default thing when my knee acts up...I'll just have to be a patient little grasshopper. :) So instead I have healthy meals all day and I'm ready for whatever is up today.

Today I've been roped into going to a Tupperware party after work (Zzzzzzzzz.....) in exchange for borrowing a minivan for the weekend to help my Dad move, so it's probably good I'll be more awake this evening! Nothing says "I just don't care about Tupperware" like nodding off in a public place :)

Music to listen to on the bus: Beck - The Information


azusmom said...

They still have Tupperware parties?!?!?!

A little rest now and again is a good thing. No guilt, lol!

Geosomin said...

Yes. Unfortunately they do :)

fatgirlwearingthin said...

You just described my aversion for all things related to 'house parties'....and they have them for EVERYTHING now! Handbags (done that) jewelry (that one too, thank you) kitchen utensils (hello Pampered Chef). I go to ONE of each. Whoever gets to me first wins another body there, but I'm done after that. Hope it goes by quickly for you and that you at least win something!