Friday at last

Just popping in quick.

Last night after the tupperware party (which really wasn'ta s lame as I figured) I had lots of snow to shovel so I got in some exercise after all. Of course it snowed 5 cm overnight so all my hard work is covered up again this morning, but that's OK. It's J's turn to shovel this time :)

This AM I got up again and focusedon weights. I did upper body and abs and then also did the lower body weights I do minus all the lunges and Bulgarian one legged whatsits I do to be kind to my knee, with no extra cardio at the end as I ran out of time. My knee feels a bit stiff still, so I figure this way I've got the weight training I need for now, and this weekend I'll be helping my Dad move all weekend so I'll get in lots of cardio and lifting and packing then so I'm sure I'll be just fine. :)

I feel great, and now I'm in to check a few cell cultures for my MSc and then it's off for the rest of the day to pack pack pack move move move.
Fun fun fun.....?

Have a great weekend everybody :)

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