Everything is New Again

Hello :)
Sorry I've been rather hermity over the holidays. I logged my odd workout, but I spent most of my time relaxing and hanging with my family. I thoroughly enjoyed my free time this holiday season. Most days I was good food wise, and the odd day I indulged in some yummy ginger cookies, the odd pretzel and some spiced ale or a banana daiquiri (my new favourite drink at the moment). And, all is well. Over the holidays I have only gained a pound. Considering I could not work out regularly, I'm pretty pleased with how it all went, as I wasn't terribly careful about food. I'm grateful, as stepping on the scale this AM to get a starting point for the week has finally silenced the little voice in the back of my head that kept trying to tell me I was doomed to regain 5-8 pounds and that I'd be all instantly wibbly and pudgy after the holidays. I didn't realise how much the thought of that bothered me until I came face to face with it. Genuine fear and stress...it was strange. I didn't like it. The best thing is that now I can tell that little b*tch in my head to go haunt someone else because I know I can keep it together :)

I got a juicer for christmas...I'm in love. I've wanted one forever. Apple carrot juice is a favourite of mine and now I can make it whenever I like :) I'm going to experiment and see what fruit&veg combos I can come up with as preworkout drinks. I'm curious to try some beets and melon. Seeing as I can't eat before I workout, I'm going to try to juice myself up instead.

I'm a bit sad to be back to work again, but I'm glad to be back into a bit of a routine. I like my routine...it keeps me accountable and on track. Regular workouts keep me happy. This morning it was nice to be back in the gym. I was a little panicked it would be full and crowded with new years resolutioners, but perhaps they aren't all back on campus yet. It was nice and quiet. I could do my legwork, and some fast walking with HIT sprints on the treadmill (maybe I can get my odd run fix after all? I hope I hope I hope...it seems to be OK so far). Back at it again. Feels good.I'm hoping to start the Rachel Cosgrove program in a week or so once I've had time to read through it. I'm curious to see what changes will come...

At the new years party in my fantastic new outfit I felt sexy. I felt strong and confident. I actually had to politely brush off a few guys...because I have a wonderful man to share my life with. We got to see old friends and dance the night away in a big old lodge in the woods. To toast in the new year with champagne and hugs from friends -feel adored by my husband...it doesn't get any better than that. He loves me. Always has. Always will. No matter what.

I can't wait to see what this year will bring!

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