This morning is COLD.
How cold?
-33C. With the wind it is -43.
Yup. Official winterey chilly - even the gym had a chill to it. I stuck to machines far from the windowed walls! Brrr...the hot shower at the end was actually nice :)
I did my upper body workout this morning and 28 minutes on the exercise bike. Then my post workout protein shake and banana and in to work, with a healthy breakfast of a bunch of cottage cheese and blueberries.
Here's hoping to today rocks. Our car got stuck at J's work last night as he forgot to plug in the block heater, so I'm hoping after being plugged in all night it will start up OK today at the end of the day. It was a lame way to end the day. It's supposed to warm up by tonight to a more human temperature...I don't like it when it's this cold. It's dangerous. Makes me glad to take the bus...

Here's to warmer days!


azusmom said...

See, when people from Massachusetts (where I grew up) ask me why I live in California, I point to the weather map; yesterday it was cold and snowing in MA, and it was sunny and short-sleeve weather here in the Bay Area. THAT is why I live in California, lol!
Keeping warm thoughts for you!

Sagan said...

It's that type of temperature around here, too. Hate the wind chill! My fingers froze this morning after only being outside walking for 30 minutes, and I was wearing both gloves and mittens. Goodness!

Cottage cheese and blueberries sounds yummy.