Adding some planks to core day

I always thought "what's the big deal about planks anyways?". They really don't look that hard. I know they are excellent for building core strength so I figure I should do more to strengthen my core. Well today I decided, having declared Wednesday core/ab day a while back, I'd try them.
And holy crap are they hard! Sure I do a lot of core work on core day, but I didn't realise just how hard it was to hold your body in place for any length of time. I thought I'd have enough strength to do it no prob. I've done a few in the past for 20 seconds, but I figured I'd go for 1 minutes ones today. Really see what I'm made of.

After 30 minutes of speed walking on an incline I got down to business. I've worked up from a few flailing crunches over 5 months to a really solid ab/core workout. My full on amazon abs/core work looks like this:
50 regular crunches
50 lower ab crunch/leg raises
50 side crunches on each side
50 moving elbow to knee crunches, both sides (not sure what they are called - twist crunches? windmills??)
50 medicine ball side to side torso twists with a 10 Lb ball
2 X 30 second"snake" back extensions while lying on your stomach (
25 alternating arm/leg extensions for the back on the exercise ball
30 stick your but up in the air thingys (lower body lift? I have no idea what it's actually called)
30 "V" crunch/situps with arm/leg extensions (again I have no idea what they're actually called...I've heard them called tuck ups)

Yup - I'm hard core :)
In the middle of this I thought I'd add 2 sets of planks, on front and each side. And man...I could do 1 minute of each once. My second set of them at the end were about 20 seconds long and then I had nothing else left so I stretched and headed for the shower. Curious. this will give me something new to focus on...increasing my plank time. Stronger is better. :)

But, end result of this? Well, I'm much stronger, not stiff in my back anymore and I can see my abs. Kind of like a six pack. I've taken to navel gazing in the shower...cuz they look *cool* :)

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azusmom said...

When I'm feeling particularly sadistic I'll give my clients all kinds of planks. Regular, side, AND reverse, still and moving. It all depends on how tired I'm feeling, lol!