Its true! Hard work does pay off.

So. Tired.

I was up doing the first night of homework for the semester (oh joy). This morning was upper body work and abs and 30 minutes on the treadmill at fast walk with HIT sprints added in. My protein shake and banana and then yummy breakfast of fruit and cottage cheese. Yum. I have to stay awake for my class's a directed reading class and I'm the only one in it so my prof will notice if I'm out of it. I'm having a big cup of coffee because my prof is also my boss...yeah it's complicated and I want to impress. I am privileged to get a directed reading class from him on topics directly related to my project that he is an expert in. He retires this summer after 30 years doing clinical chemistry and quality assurance...he even survived cancer. I totally respect this guy. I'm looking forward to the class. I hope I impress...

I'm so happy that tonight I get to hang out with my husband. I miss him after 10 days off together. We've both been overworked already and both have to work saturday so we may just snuggle away the evening, but I look forward to it. My Dad flies home tomorrow, so I'll get to see him too. Unfortunately, it's back into the saturday working for the Msc project.
Ah well. I got my grades back for my last semester and with all my insanity I pulled off a 93 in biostats and 88 in my other class so I know I can do this :) Hard work pays off. It's true!

Have a great weekend everyone.


azusmom said...

Wow! Talk about busy!
You handle everything so well. Just be good to yourself, OK?

Jody - Fit at 53 said...

You amaze me! Inspirational!