zen and the art of muscle maintenance

Wow...I learned yesterday and this morning why I like working out really early. I went to the gym yesterday for my workout after work and it was so incredibly crowded. I had to work in sets on the machines and wait for weights to do my upper body work. I even had to wait for a stretch out mat. The room was sweaty and humid. Thankfully the exercise bikes aren't every one's first choice so I didn't have to worry about them, but man. So crowded.
This morning?
Much better.
Instead of over a hundred people there was maybe 30...lots of room to work in my legwork (got my lunges in again today) and do my cardio on the bike. Lots of room to stretch. No fighting for outlets in the bathroom to dry my hair...so much more zen and relaxing. Yes I'm always tired to start out with, but I really find my workout time to be a solace, sort of zen thing for me and all those people yesterday really made it hard to get into the groove.

It's kind of cool to realise you're doing the right thing. Instead of getting home late, tired and hungry, I have just had a delicious breakfast and I have the whole day to look forward to now!

Yay life :)

Oh dear - could I be morphing into a morning person?


Cascia said...

I don't like working out in a crowded gym either. Hopefully you can go to the gym in the mornings more often.

Charlotte said...

Hahahah! Welcome to the dark side! I mean the light side. I love mornings:)

Dr. J said...

When I switched to working out in the AM and not after work, it made all the difference! You see some pretty "interesting" people in the early morning too, if you are into that sort of thing :-)