Friends with cake are the best kinds of friends :)

Last night I got a lot of work done and then took out some books to read (got my public library card renewed finally) and got down to some serious reading for my class. And, I must say, it is all so bloody fascinating! I'm learning about the 3 big people responsible for quality and quality assurance in the world - Shewhart, Demming and Juran. Fascinating guys. Then I'm applying it to a well known lab measurement method and then using this knowledge to apply to my own project for a final paper. Man - I love this directed learning stuff :)
And lo and behold in the midst of reading, my friend and his girl called on the chicklet (my red cellphone) and in a few minutes had popped in at our door with a surprise cake. A yummy cake...with coconut buttercream. Oh Yum. So, I took a break from reading, yakked happily and ate come cake. Yes, I should probably not have eaten the cake as this week is supposed to be a concentrated no crap week...but what do you do in this sort of a situation? It's rare for people to just pop by, especially with cake made just for you...and it was so nice to just hang out for a bit. I only have a few close friends, many of whom live far away, so I really enjoy hanging out with friends when I'm as busy as I am. And yes, I had a small piece of cake so I wasn't too evil - but this sort of thing makes me wonder. Cake in itself is not bad...and isn't the whole part of being healthy and working out so that you can have cake every once in a while? Or am I just rationalizing it? Or should this not even be an issue at all?
Good grief my head gets the best of me at times...
All I know is I resolve to try and be good, eating only what I choose to and enjoy it completely, as I seem to be maintaining what I am at the moment, and I want to stay here. Cake and all. Delicious cake...

So...with great vigour, this AM I was up and in the gym for legwork. During a squat with increased weights my knee twinged, but I was kind to it after and I think it's OK. I won't go up to that weight level again. Then I did 30 minutes on the bike and some abwork and then raced to get ready for work on time with some Fibre One and a banana with almond milk for breakfast.

It's another long day, but I'm feeling very loved and full of knowledge...and cake :)

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azusmom said...

Let them eat cake!
Er, let YOURSELF eat cake!
It's when we deny ourselves completely that we end up going off the rails and snarfing down an entire cake, then sitting in bed with a hot water bottle pressed to our stomach. It's far better, I think, to have a bit and enjoy every bite. There has to be some leeway, or else we'll rebel.
(besides, eating ckae with good friends only makes it taste better, lol!)