Slept in. Bad me.

I know, I know - I should have gotten up this morning, but I didn't.
I spent a long LONG weekend packing up my childhood home and drove there and back home on cold and very icy roads after...and I almost made it home and slid into a snowbank once I reached the city. Grrr. Full purple minivans do not handle the same as my car :) Unfortunately I will have to pay to fix up the bumper on the in-laws van where I hit the snow, but thankfully I wasn't going too fast and no one was just wasn't the way I'd planned to end the weekend. I was very glad when I finally got home to stay.

I spent all weekend helping Dad pack up the childhood home in Odessa. We even ate out at the local greasy spoon cafe while we worked to save time. And blech - WAY too much food, but we were busy and it did the trick. I probably ate 2 days worth of food, but I was stressed and I admit I buried my anxiety in food. Not proud of that...but I was just too emotionally drained to be "good" that day. The food was tasty, but definitely NOT healthy. Oh well. Can't win them all. But, the good thing is, in the end we got the majority of the packing of the whole damn house done. I know the little my Dad has left is stuff he can do on his own, so he'll be OK. He really needed my help. I can't imagine going through your life...a whole house worth and trying to pack it all up on your own. I was glad to be able to help, altho it was a hard weekend emotionally, and yet quite comforting at the same time. It's very strange to think that I won't be going home there anymore after this...very odd indeed. But such is life. Things go on...

This morning I was stiff and sulky and so I slept in. I really should have gotten up to work out, but I just felt a bit moogy and drained. I gave in to the mood and slept a bit more to try and sleep off some of the kinks I have from all that carrying and lifting. I feel a bit better, but I really need to be good at eating today and get back to the workouts tomorrow. My knee feels good now after being kind to it last week, and I think the kinks will be out of my back and arms by tomorrow, so time to get back at it and burn off all those diner meals. :) I will eat healthy today and tomorrow I'll be back at the workouts. I'm sure in a few days I will burn off the diner frenzy and get back to normal. For now I'll settle on getting my work done and making it home without freezing solid.
Ah. Winter in Saskatchewan...

Hope you all have a good day. :)

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