There and back again

I slept in this morning. It was necessary. I had a nice weekend away with J in Edmonton...we stayed in a Polynesian theme room - so much fun. We spent most of saturday night out having fun, so I had less than enough sleep, so today I slept in so I have a chance of surviving the week. It was so nice to get away for a bit and relax. I got to go shopping and get some new clothes that fit and a few skirts so I can wear my new boots and feel a little more adult. It made my day to know I am a size 7 now. 6 at Esprit. Weird...I had to put things back because they were too *big*. Awhah?

Tomorrow it's back to workouts. I replaced my gym bag too so I won't be stuck toting 2 or 3 random totes with me to the gym. And today is healthy food again. I didn't go nuts over the weekend, but I did have a bourbon caramel milkshake (heavenly...) and a piece of nectarine pie and a new kind of yummy beer and champagne. Nothing I can't come back from - just new things on the menu I can't get back home and had to try. :)

So, it is back into the thick of things. Still lots left to do, but I'm starting to feel like it may end soon. 2 weeks until classes are up. 3.5 until I'm done my exams and assignments. Then...I have so many things *I* want to do to catch up on...

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Sagan said...

A theme room? Cool!

The title of this blog post makes me think of Lord of the Rings... "There and Back Again, A Hobbit's Tale by Bilbo Baggins" :) Such good books/movies!

Congrats on the sizes - that's so much fun to have to put back sizes because they're too big.