Swimming is so nice on a chilly day

This morning I managed to roll out of my cozy duvet and come in for leg work and my swim. I can start to see some muscles in my legs now, which is cool. I wish I could uncover them from under the bits of wiggle, but that will come. I am unsure how much to do without giving myself larger legs or thighs...I'm just going for overall muscle strength at the start...I highly doubt I'll bulk up to She-ra status overnight so I'll have a bit of warning of when to let off a bit if I bulk up too much :) For now I am happy with how I feel...which is pretty damn good.
I was amused that my gym bag spectacularly exploded today...the main seam on top came apart when I pulled it from my locker. I could still carry it to work, barely. Considering it is the one I got in the 90s in university when I started down the whole fitness road I guess I should be pleased it lasted so long! Not sure if I should shell out for a posh one with a special shoe storage thingy or just another general purpose bag. I'll have to check out my options on the weekend...neat.

Yesterday was nice...I got to go home and make some muffins and spend the evening relaxing with my husband. We were both rather tired so we watched a new miniseries based on a comic series he used to follow (the Walking Dead). It has lots of zombies in it...and I'm terrified of zombies. I am ashamed to admit that for most of it I was curled up tensely under a blanket or next to J peeking under his arm...not girly, but genuinely tense. Seeing the fog by mistake when I was 4 and having an intense nightmare repeatedly as a child (which I can still vividly remember) has given me quite the built-in fear of zombies. And yet, this comic series intrigues me. I really wanted to watch it because the comics were so good and in the end I'm glad I did. Not for the scares, but because it deals with people...real people and how they handle loss. How they band together and deal with incredible horrors. It's not a humorous show by any means, but inspiring and chilling at the same time. It only has 6 parts so I think I can make it thru the rest of it...I'm hoping I don't have any bad dreams from it...I'm trying to put my big girl sparkle panties on and deal with this by facing up to it. We'll see.
It was odd for J -he saw me obviously uncomfortable at times and asked if I wanted to stop watching...for him this doesn't frighten him because it just seems absurd. To him the idea of an alien showing up one day, not communicating with us, vastly superior and thinking of us as local fauna...or perhaps a mosquito like annoyance to deal with or ignore frightens him far more.

Yes we're both bizarre and quite made for each other. And we had a lovely zombie filled evening.

Today is another day. Have a good one everyone...

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