It's friday everybody!

This morning I was up and out the door and in at the gym. Because it's friday and I won't be able to get in to workout on saturday and worked out at home on thursday I did both arms and legs on weights today...crazy. I did 2 reps of everything instead of 3, but managed to fit it all in with 30 minutes of biking...I was almost late for work, but I did it. The biking was hard today - my HIT intervals were pretty sucky...but I kept my heart rate up near 85% the whole time which is, in the end, the whole point. I think the faster more furious weights wore my legs out a bit. I know I was sweating when I was done my lunges, which isn't usually the case. I wore my robot, but only remembered to turn it on about halfway through so I have 300 calories off I'm estimating about 450 all told...ish...but really. Not so into the numbers.
This morning, feeling optimistic, I stepped on the scale and the needle was ever so slightly below 125. Coolio. Hopefully this trend sticks, and we shall see. I've been eating well, so it would be nice if life rewarded me. I managed to make it through PMS without snacking so I feel like I've earned that :)
And so, I'm diving into another day. I get to play with a few new lab toys today - a fluorescent microscope and extract DNA from some colon carcinoma for analysis next week, so I get to use my brain a bit. I like that. I have a weekend full of (surprise) homework and my little niece's 2nd birthday to go to (and a gift to buy for her yet...heh). Lots to do, but no reason to panic yet. So far so good. I even managed to make some healthy apple oat muffins yesterday in a lame attempt to not do homework.
Life is good.
Later taters...

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Jody - Fit at 52 said...

Amazing all you get done in a day! Great stuff!