apple bottom booty

Mmmmm...I had organic yogurt with fresh blueberries, some honey and granola for breakfast.
This morning I crawled from bed to come in and do some upper body and ab work and then 30 minutes on the exercise bike. I did some HIT intervals, but mostly concentrated on pedalling faster. My butt was really stiff from the new lunges I tried yesterday so it just wouldn't let me do more.
I *will* attain an apple bottom booty if it takes me all winter :)

6 days of classes left. I have my MSc 6 month meeting monday and a major thing due then too so I have to be good and work this weekend, but I'm hoping we can get out a bit on the weekend. There is a good DJ playing in town saturday night. And, every year I get together with my little nieces and girly in-laws and we decorate gingerbread houses and then have supper. It is supposed to be this weekend and I can't wait. I hope it still happens. It'll be so weird doing it without Mum there...but it has been a year of firsts. It will be strange. New memories are a good thing too :)
I must be off.
Have a great weekend :)

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