Last swim of the year

They shut down the pool for repairs tomorrow. It'll be closed until January some time.
Pity. I'll miss it. Especially now that the snow is here.
This morning I tried a few new leg things with my leg exercises before I did my swim. 2 sets of one legged lunges with my other foot back on a bench. Tricky and wobbly...I'm hoping it will help my balance. I thik I need to work on my form a bit. After 2 months of leg weight exercises to strengthen my knee I'm hoping they will add more strength and range of motion as well. I'll have to be careful with them. My legs were quite stiff around the knee today while swimming...I think that is what may have done it. I hope I can build up slowly and hopefully it will help.
I've learned that each person where I work gets a yearly $100 health benefit starting January - the rebate is eligible for anything fitness related (equipment, classes and the like) so I may use it to get a fitness assessment and a few personal trainer appointments to have someone look over my program and sort of get a better idea of "where I'm at". I'd like some advice on what I could do to even things out a bit and still strengthen my knee. I freely admit I'm winging things with the help of the internet, the odd book and Oxygen magazine so a really educated help could really benefit me. I've put it off because of the cost, but this has changed my mind. It'll give me a new challenge for the new year.
Another day is here. Only 7 days of classes left for the semester.

Boo diggety.

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