too many leaves

This weekend was great. I got a lot of work done on saturday on my project and still got to sleep in that morning and have healthy pumpkin pancakes before I left...mmmm :). Sunday I raked the yard ALL day (yech) but the yard is done now for the winter. Given my ridiculous allergies to leaf mold I have to keep up on it in the fall or I'm really sick in the spring. As it is I am a bit squeaky from 8 hours of raking, but it's done for another year. J was busy winterizing the cars and doing other stuff...we were a team :) After all that hard work we had our last big BBQ of the season with some tin foiled veg and pork tenderloin and relaxed. It's nice to get everything done and still have time left over to relax at the end of the day. Time for that has been very precious lately.

I've prepped healthy meals for another insane week. I'll likely be here at work for 16-18 hours a day all week (joy) but I'm prepared for it. I finally broke down and bought a cheap little netbook so I can do some of my lab nalysis work from home. My Mac laptop is incompatible with a lot of the lab software I use and now I can do things wherever I am AND I can log into my work PC from home using my netbook and work from there so that programs too fast or heavy for my little netbook can be run on my work PC. I love the future! :) I'll actually get to be at home more during the data analysis process of my MSc - Im really looking forward to that. It was definitely worth the 330$ for that. I've been spending so much time here at work in the evenings because I couldn't do what I needed to at home on my Mac. Now, even tho the little netbook robot is not powerful by any means, it will do what I need to do and be a handy portable thing for notes and such afterwards...I'm quite happy with the solution. I really didn't want to buy another full computer because I couldn't justify the cost of it when I already had I'm all set. It's neat to be able to only get what you need. And I must admit that logging in from home to my work PC is just freaking cool :)
I had a great workout this morning too - legs and abs and then I HIT bike cardio for 30 minutes. I forgot my robot so I have no idea what I burned calorie wise, but my legs are quite fatigued, so I know I did well for myself. Long day ahead, but we'll take it one day at a time and get it done :)

Have a great day!

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