Coming along...

Yesterday was a real accomplishment. I finished and submitted 3 major things. It felt so good. It's so tempting to just relax all evening and do nothing, but I did some work last night and still spent some time with J. The end really is coming...and I'm not crashing and burning. And I"m happy to report my weekend of relaxation and burboun milkshakes has left me the same weight I was when I left. I think I'm finally getting the hang of how to live normally...whatever normal is!
Yay :)
I wore a skirt yesterday and felt very girly all day - gave me confidence for my speech I had to do. I do need to get some tights before I wear a skirt again in this weather though...chilly!

This morning I got out of bed to work out. I did my arms and back and abs and then was going to bike but suddenly thought...meh. So I hopped onto an arc trainer and did a crosstrain program for 30 minutes. It was fun. A nice change.
I listened to this funky Thunderball album to work out to...Scorpio rising. Real retro funk. Good for a cold groggy morning :)

And now, here we go again. Another day...have a great one :)

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