Rest Day

Well, last night I was up until 2 working on data analysis and a report, so I slept in and cut the workout today. I needed that extra hour and bit of sleep desperately, as it is another long haul of work tonight to finish up even more work. I do feel well rested, considering I've only had about 5 hours of sleep. I've had a healthy breakfast of protein drink as well as some FiberOne cereal mixed with a bit of All Bran and some 1% milk. I'm sipping a large mug of tea and getting set for a long exciting day here in the lab.
I have lots to do, but I'm doing it. And this weekend I get a whole day off....once I make it there :)
Have a great day everybody :)

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Sagan said...

Just a couple days left this week!

Getting an extra hour of sleep can really help. I get the day off today, and last night I passed out by 10pm... I got a solid 8 hours of sleep, something I rarely get, so now I feel awesome :D