A day of remembrance

Because it is remembrance day, I took the time today to watch the local ceremony and remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives and work to keep Canada safe and at peace. J (I'm so proud of him) is the head of the crew that puts it on the air on the local channel for a few years now, so he was there at 5:30 AM and worked hard all morning to make the ceremony look good and be accessible to everyone. It went very well. Congrats love! You did good today.
After, with much cat howling, I dug out my old Dance Fusion Workout and did it - wow I'm in pretty decent shape. I did the whole thing with no issues...I recall it being pretty tough to get through. There was a bit of burning in my thighs when I did the squats but other than that - no prob :) Know why? Because I have muscles in my legs! I wore my little yoga shorts that I usually save for under my bellydance skirts to workout and I saw them in there. Cool! Not quite the same workout as if I'd been at work, but a good 1 hour all over workout. The difference in muscle tone in my body from now compared to the summer is really encouraging. I have trouble believing it is me sometimes. :)
Today is (sigh) work on my project at home. My cat is being rather annoying and so I'm trying to give him some attention and still get things done. Having a deaf cat howling at you can be rather annoying, but he's so damn cute...I'll figure it out. He just misses me and now that I'm home for the whole day he wants to sit in my lap...where my laptop is. Yeah. Confusing, but I'll figure it out. My husband has to work again this evening so I'll see him a bit and try and get a lot done.

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