Up and at them

This morning after yet another long night of homework I was up and out the door to do my upper body and back work and then have a nice 25 minutes swim. They have decided to repair the pool all of December so I'll have to give up my splashy splashy time for a month. Pity... I love it. I'll going to see if the other small pool on campus is open tuesdays or thursdays...it's such a stress reliever.
I have a healthy lunch and am heading in to the home stretch work wise. This is the week of doom...sleep will be cast aside in the writing of a large report, a poster and 2 assignments...but I think I'll get thru it. We shall see. This weekend I am taking all saturday off to spend with J as a reward. I can't wait!
I have a healthy salad and tuna for lunch, so it's a start...here we go!
Have a great day!

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