The end is nigh

I managed to get to bed on time last night, so I woke up today feeling pretty fierce. I realised last night that although I have a ridiculous amount of things due in the next month with 16-18 hour days 6 days a week coming up along with preparing for my semi-annual committee MSc meeting and the report that goes with it, I also will be done these 2 classesand their insanity in one month (except the final).
Only one month. That is doable.
I can keep it together day by day until then...the eternity of the semester is actually starting to wind down. Finally...
This morning I reversed some things...I keep fighting over weights and equipment in the mornings, so I did my upper body weights first before my 30 minutes cardio, which is when noone is using them and doing their cardio. I really pushed myself...I have that wonderful achiness that comes from really using your muscles. I read somewhere that it's beneficial for muscle building to do lifting before cardio...of course there is a lot of conflicting info out there, so I'm just doing what is more convenient, and this is definitely it. I biked fast today...faster than normal, but seeing as I really pushed myself yesterday on my legs (20 lunges each side, dead lifts and a few new things...owie my butt) I just didn't actually have it in my legs to do more than 4 of the HIT intervals while I biked. After my legs yelled at me to cut that HIT sh*t out I just biked faster overall and kept my heart rate up at 83-85% range. In my cardio I burned 326 calories according to Robot. I forgot to turn him on until cardio, so I don't know what weights burn...curious.
I am wearing a favourite old pair of dress pants today and they are getting baggy - the waist could definitely come in a few inches. I used to feel super slim in them because they used to fit perfectly. I have definitely firmed up/shrunk up since school started. I do believe that over the holidays I will do some shopping for a few pairs of pants. I'm a bit annoyed as I finally gave in in the fall to buy some new pants...and now *they* are baggy. I have a new pair of boots so I think I'll experiment with some tights and skirts this winter...I'd like that.
"I feel pretty, oh so pretty..."

This weekend I get to play with my new leaf sucker and rake up the yard. We got a reprieve from the snow and it's supposed to be warm and dry all weekend...after I get caught up on school stuff I'll be attacking the yard one last time. Wish me luck...

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Sagan said...

I think this is so true and an excellent idea: "there is a lot of conflicting info out there, so I'm just doing what is more convenient".

Hurray only one month! Definitely doable. And congrats on the intense workout and the pants - how nice it is to feel clothes getting too big!