Monday again already?

It's monday again!
Well I got a lot done this weekend and still got to head out for cute little Zoe's birthday on saturday. It was a nice break with family. I did work the rest of the weekend though and missed a friends birthday party and a friend's show at a local coffee shop...wish I wasn't so busy. J went without me...sounded like a good time was had by all. I ate well all weekend, even with a carnival theme birthday party (complete with corn dogs and candy corn...not easy let me tell you !). Kept my splurges under wraps for the most part.
This morning I got up and in to the gym for my lower body weights, ab work and 30 minutes of HIT biking. I forgot to turn Robit on again until cardio, so I only know I burned 312 calories from then on, but that's a good sign...I know the cardio went good today. I caught up on my sleep over the weekend so I didn't feel too tired and was really able to push myself today.

I have to say - I got some IsoWhey vanilla whey protein drink from my local Sangsters for this month and I like it. One scoop + 1 cup of water. It's really good, and it's 31g of protein with very little added carbs or fat or sugar, and it has added proteases to help you digest the protein. (so you don' so much from digesting lots of protein all at once). I've been taking it as a protein supplement after I workout, as I know I don't get enough protein in my diet and I figure I can't build muscle if I don't have something for my body to build with. I did a lot of research, and, as a scientist, I'm very impressed with the quality and production of it. It's a bit more than some of the protein shakes, but it's quality sourced, purely produced protein that tastes good...and that's all I need.

Gotta run. Lots to do today.

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Yum Yucky said...

Hurrah for 31g of protein! And so cool that you're scientific. Loves that.