I love rice pudding

This weekend I basically did homework, with a small break to build tonnes of little gingerbread houses and trains with my neices, and ate rediculous amounts of rice pudding at family supper. And we got sent home with the leftover pudding. Oh. Yeah.

Mmmm. :)

Today is my MSc bi-annual progress meeting. I'm hoping it will go well. I've worn my pirate boots and a skirt for luck :)

This morning I was up and did my leg and ab workout as well as 30 minutes hard biking - tried to keep it between 80 and 90 rpm the whole time. A delicious breakfast of yogurt, blueberries and granola and I'm here with my coffee ready for my day. After my big presentation meeting today I have another huge assignment due tomorrow, so it's gonna be a LONG night.
But things are coming along...it's the last official week of classes. THAT is a very cool thing.
It means it all has to end soon.
For realz :)

Have a great day!

Workout tunes today: Beck - The Information

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