Feel like I'm missing out

Last night was a long night. I finally crawled into bed and got to sleep and blinked and my husband got home late from celebrating shooting/wrap party of the 100th episode of his local music show. A huge accomplishment. I'm so proud of him...I tried to celebrate with him and share his joy, but I was so tired. I couldn't be there...because I was working. Again. Being too busy to enjoy your partner's successes sucks. Like a super sonic hoover.

At any rate, enough moping. This AM I got up and went in to work out. Being tired and vaguely grumpy I thought I'd try something different than the bike so I did a 40 minute crosstrain program on the arc trainer. And after a few minutes I loved it. No knee issues, and by the end of it I was feeling better. I did come core work and broke out the ball and medicine ball and did a bunch of ab stuff. I have healthy meals packed and it may take a lot of caffeine, but I'll survive the day I think.

If you are looking for some good workout tunes an like dance music - may I suggest the Sound of Trance podcasts. they're usually 1+ hours of mixed seamless trance and dance music. Nothing shreaky, but a constant beat that keeps you going. I find they're my workout track a lot. It's what I listened to today. Kept me going when I wanted to stop and curl up in the corner and nap.

New favourite snack when working late? 1/2 c 1% cottage cheese with 1/2 c cantaloupe. Mmm...brain food. :)

Have a good day guys. I will keep my chin up and nose to the grindstone and whatever euphamism I can think of to get thru today.


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azusmom said...

Today's the day to just keep on keepin' on, I hear ya! My day is going to be whacky, too, so know that you have fellow, sympathetic travelers on the road today!