Older and wiser?

This weekend was really nice. I didn't go too crazy overboard being my birthday and all. I just relaxed. Saturday I slept in. J took me out for toast and eggs and bacon and coffee and then we relaxed and read a book. I drank some wine. Ate a cookie or two. We went out for Thai food for supper and watched something on TV. Not terribly exciting right?
I relaxed. I napped. I did NO work. I just spent time with my husband for a whole day. It was great...I ate a bit too much, as my appetite has really shrunk, but I don't think I'll have done any serious damage over a day or so. I suppose now that I'm 37 I feel like I should feel older. Smarter. Wiser.

Nope :)

I have learned over the weekend that I like eating clean though. I like light healthy food. Anything fried or oily just makes me feel off. It was a birthday dinner for my brother in law last night and he had manicotti with cheesy bread and some kind of mayo coated salad and then iced cream. I didn't over eat and I still felt yech. Goes to show how eating well changes you. I crave healthy foods in smaller portions. Wierd. I'm actually rewiring my brain and body. THAT is cool...

This morning I was up and out the door to do my HIT biking for cardio and then leg work and some ab work. I've made it to work with protein shake granola and yogurt for breakfast, and a great salad with chicken and egg for lunch. I have 2 massive things due tomorrow and I"m freaking out a bit, but I will stay up until they are done and life will indeed go on. So it goes...

Have a great day everyone. I will try to too.


Sagan said...

Happy Birthday!

A day of relaxing is SO necessary to have on a regular basis, I think.

Charlotte said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Sounds like you had a great day! Love how you are learning to listen to your body so well!