But baby it's cold outside

This morning I dragged my ass out of bed to come in to the gym. I have to give a speech today (eep) on a poster so instead of swimming, I did my legwork and then biked for 30 minutes so I could read over my speech a few times in the morning. A good workout, and I feel a bit better about the talk. It's a timed thing - otherwise I wouldn't be so concerned. I'm fine doing a PowerPoint thing, but just talking by a poster is rough...and I only have 5 minutes max. I even wore a skirt to boost my confidence...and MAN it's cold out. Winter has arrived with a vengeance. I picked a day where it is -28 C and -37 with the wind to wear a skirt. In the future...let's jsut say I'll be checking the weather first. Not my best laid plan. Yeah, I'll leave it at that :) Brrrr....

My new gym bag ROCKS. it holds everything and has side pouches for stuff so it's not just all piled in a big sack. It's so nice...

AND after 17 revisions (sheesh), my biannual project report is done today as well. I'm slowly whittling things down. Now it's only 3 assignments left, another speech after today's speech and an exam. I just may survive after all...if I don't freeze first :)

Try and stay warm my good peeps :)


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