Beware the couch. It beckons...

I managed to get in a workout this morning after being up until 12 last night doing homework. I did upper body weights and then had a nice 25 minutes swim. Today is insane. I need the energy boost. Seeing as I woke up today at the usual time I figured I couldn't be THAT tired...
I have a stats assignment due in an hour, which we just got some extra tips for this morning (yeah, that's the day it's can tell my prof really doesn't have our course high up on her priority list) and I think I did it right but I'm not sure...what with not having all the info until this morning...*sigh*. And I have a mock ethics review after lunch which I think I'm ready for that is worth 1/4 of my we shall see. I really don't have enough time to devote to my classes like I'd like, so I feel all rushed and unprepared compared to the normal super overprepared me, but what can ya do? Things have to be done and I have not yet invented a time machine, so I'm doing my best. There's a physical limit to how late I can stay up some days, so I just do as much as I can.
I just want today to be over with so I can go home...and then get groceries... and vaccuum...and then...THEN I will sit on the comfy couch with teh kittehs.
Oh yes.
There will be much sitting.
And likely falling asleeping, but hey. S'allright :)


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