Ah, middle manglement

This morning the spin instructor was away so we had a guest instructor for a boot class. Booyah did it kick my ass...three 10 minute cycles of 30 seconds of different exercises non stop with 2 bouts of upper body weights and pushups in between them. I maintain I can do anything for 30 seconds...but by then end of the cardio cycle I was sweaty and panty...it kicked my butt. As a bonus, the instructor gave low knee impact options for a few things so I was able to go all out and not stress out my knee which is fabulous for me. So many instructors get in the zone and are more advanced and want you to push yourself and forget that there may be a perfectly valid reason why you can't do some exercises...for me things like scissor jumps are not good and having alternates given like lunging step backs made for a great workout for me. I'm kinda dumb and will try and push myself  and often end up having to take time off workouts from stressing out my knee too much...this reminds me to be smart about it and have a solid result. :)

Yesterday was good and bad, with yelly conversations at work (Being yelled at is "fun". Yup -had some PO'd people, but we fixed it in the end), but my first oriental bellydance class of the year helped me dance off my angst and ended up going to bed tired but happy. We learned a bit of choreography for Shabba oriental dance - it's sort of funky street dance, with less focus on style and more on energy and fun, so it was a fun upbeat class. Classes are 90 minutes this term too which is nice...I'm looking forward to more. :)

But I must be off... Lots to do and I have to clean up the aftermath of "yelly monday" and have a few mildly uncomfortable meetings to get to the bottom of things and make sure all my people are looked after, whether they deserve it or not :).
Later taters.


azusmom said...

Yikes! I hope all is well at work.
But the dancing sounds fun!

Yum Yucky said...

The husband got yelly with me the other day. I got so annoyed about that I purposely left his name off our anniversary cake. That'll teach 'em.