Kicking azz and chewing bubble gum

OK I lied about the gum part. :)
This morning I felt fierce. I came in for spin and sculpt with yelly Mel and I rocked it. High tension intense spin with resistance band sculpt moves for the upper body. I think it's cause I was wearing new workout duds. I felt good and I looked's funny how that can make you work harder :)
Last night  a new fitness store selling Lorna Jane workout wear opened in town and there was a "VIP" early opening for fitness instructors around town and a few of their friends, since there were a few cancellations. A friend of mine who teaches kick boxing invited me along to come and I'm glad I did. They had prize draws and 20% off the store. I won a free pair of workout pants of my choice which is what I had come there hoping to buy, and so I got a tank top and a new spider shaker bottle instead to go with the pants...SCORE! I picked out these cropped workout tights and I love styling with the stitching and MAN they make your azz look good. Their stuff is priced a bit lower than lulu lemon stuff would be (my free pants would have been $89) and looks to be of the same quality. Comfy and sexy...Woo hoo. I was impressed with the store...I hope they do well. They even had some protein supplements that were stevia sweetened (cookies and cream flavoured....mmm) so I will definitely go back! :)
And now? I have a seriously full day of SOOOO much work to do. I gotta run. Planning some workouts on the weekend to keep me going with a bunch of normal sciency work I have to do...and I'll be making bellydance costumes in there too with some friends on sunday too I hope. Full weekend of goodness. Just the way I like it!
Have  a WONDERFUL day :)

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