what if he comes at you with a pointed stick?

Winter has returned with a pointed stick. "Only" -21C but with the windchill it feels like -32. Which after our little warm spell cuts through your clothes and into your eyes like pointy little cold needles. Brrrrr. It's back to this for a while now...
Courage :/

Spin and sculpt class was good though. I almost ALMOST slept in but I sucked it up, got up gathered my stuff and came in and had a solid workout. I'm tired, but happy. I just keep telling myself that this weekend I'll be grateful for the frigid weather to keep me indoors and let me get some serious work done on my paper. Cold you can bundle up for but cold and wind makes you curl up inside with cats and a mug of tea. J works tonight and most of the weekend so I have no excuses (well none I've come up with yet!).

I think I may curl up on the vent beside my cat when I get home. Geek's got the right idea I think :)

Off to the warm lab for some cool science. Have a good weekend!!
Stay warm taters!


azusmom said...

Aw, kitty!!!!!
Our 70-pound pit bull, I'm convinced, thinks he's a cat. He's always snuggling up next to the vent or space heater and curling up in sunny spots.
Living in San Francisco has made me a complete weather wuss. Growing up in New England, I was used to cold AND hot weather. Los Angeles got me used to triple digits, but made me shiver once it dropped below 65F. Now I get too cold AND too hot (once it gets into the 80's).
Pretty sad.

azusmom said...

Oh, and I find a banana is a good defense for a pointed stick-wielding felon. :)